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If you are looking out for one of the most liveable cities in Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur will be near the top. Many expats seek cheap rooms for rent in Kuala Lumpur because of the beauty of the city and the career opportunities. From the stunning skyscrapers in the city to the calming jungle around it, Kuala Lumpur is a place where history and culture meet modern life. If you are looking for sufficient space for roomshare and flat share, you would be delighted to see Kuala Lumpur’s spacious buildings. The modern architecture are especially built to be open and roomy, and each modern building usually comes with lots of rooms. No matter where you get your rooms in Kuala Lumpur, you don’t have to worry about moving around. The transportation around Kuala Lumpur is very easy and the public transportation system breath-taking. Even if you choose to use Uber, the pricing is so affordable.

Cheap Rooms in Kuala Lumpur

Food in Kuala Lumpur are so delicious. In as much as you know where to eat, there are endless amount of cuisines to relish. With the help of friendly locals, you can easily discover the best restaurants around and enjoy food from all over the world. Since Kuala Lumpur is mostly made up of Indians, Chinese, and Malays, the fusion of their cuisines is a great tasting opportunity for you. The locals are kind and welcoming. If you are coming from an English-speaking nation, not understanding the local language shouldn’t be a big issue. Since it used to be a British colony, almost everyone in Kuala Lumpur speaks fluent English. Kuala Lumpur has lots of Muslim tradition. So, expect a little difficulty accessing cheap alcohol. This doesn’t mean that getting rooms for rent in Kuala Lumpur will kill your nightlife. In fact, there are cool bars where you can still get very affordable food and drinks, while enjoying good music. One more thing – holidays! The residents of Kuala Lumpur enjoy a great deal of getaways because of the number of holidays they have in a year. Who says Kuala Lumpur can’t be fun?

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How big are rooms for rent in Kuala Lumpur?
Kuala Lumpur rooms for rent sizes are very different from each other however you can expect to rent rooms around 127m² to 1000m².
How can I find rooms for rent Kuala Lumpur during COVID-19?
At Nestpick, we list many rooms for rent for Kuala Lumpur. As our apartments are already checked you can easily list rooms and book your new rental in Kuala Lumpur online with Nestpick.
I am a student looking for rooms in Kuala Lumpur, what information do I need?
First of all welcome to Kuala Lumpur! As long as you are over 18 years old you can rent a room in Kuala Lumpur.
Is rent cheap for rooms for rent in Kuala Lumpur?
In Kuala Lumpur rent prices for rooms may vary. Before your semester starts we suggest you have a look at and list prices for different rooms in Kuala Lumpur.