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Rooms for Rent in Hamburg

Hamburg is always ranked one of the most expensive cities to live in Germany, and it has a high concentration of Germany’s richest individuals than other city. Since It has become such an affluent city with expensive rent in Germany, for the rich people they can live quite luxury here, while for people who have lower income it might be even a struggle to find the proper accommodation. The cost for living in Hamburg is above the Germany average, but it still depends on different living standards and lifestyles. For example, the expense for transport and miscellaneous in Hamburg are much more than it is in Berlin, which you can’t avoid, so you need to cut you budget for other parts like recreation and going-out. Due to the expensive rental prices many people choose to live in a room in a flatshare to reduce the cost.

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Room in Amsinckstraße, Hamburg

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Large and Central Room in industrial look with balcony

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Room in a nice shared-house with 2 other people

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Bright room in the Münzburg

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Cost for Rooms in Hamburg

According to the national statistics portal, Hamburg’s rental prices are the 3rd-highest in Germany after Munich and Frankfurt. Average monthly rent in Hamburg are running at nearly €12 per square meter, meaning that a small apartment cost around €700 excluding utilities. If you would like to live in a room in a flatshare, this will save you approximately €200, which means even a room cost around €500 in Hamburg. Though being expensive, Hamburg’s residential rents are well below those in Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich. The rents in Hamburg also differ from neighborhood to neighborhood. For instance, Hamburg Mitte is generally the most expensive renting location to rent. If you’re looking for a room, you will likely spend more than €600 per month.

Cheap Rooms in Hamburg

For students, a low-cost option is something they want. The non-profit association StudierendenWerk Hamburg offer over 4,200 occupants and is one of the largest providers for student accommodation in Hamburg. If you’re enrolled at public Hamburg universities, you’ll be able to apply one of those cheap rooms from them. The only problem is the vacancy of the dorms, which makes the waiting list pretty long sometimes. So it’s also very common among students to share a flat, but the rental prices can rise significantly due to the high demand for student accommodation in Hamburg. Though with difficulties, it is still possible for students to find a cheap room in the city.

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