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Rotterdam is noted for its riverside setting, lively cultural presences, and its University! With so much to do, this is often a common destination for students and professionals. Those looking for longer accommodations should check out Nestpick! This platform lets you pick a furnished apartment in the best parts of the city with monthly leases.

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Furnished, Serviced Apartments & Rooms in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is one of the most important international ports in northern Europe, but that doesn't prevent it from remaining one of those little urban gems that still go unnoticed by many people. More and more foreigners are moving to this city in search of a good trip or job opportunities, and this makes getting accommodation in Rotterdam not as easy as we would like it to be. Luckily, Nestpick has a wide selection of properties so that, in a couple of clicks, you can find the best flats to rent in Rotterdam. Whether you're interested in a furnished apartment or renting a room, we're sure you'll find what you need in Nestpick.

Furnished Apartments in Rotterdam

As the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam still attracts a lot of economic and commercial activity. This makes it a great place for expats looking for business and employment opportunities in Europe. For business travellers staying in Rotterdam for a short period of time, renting a furnished apartment in Rotterdam is a popular choice. Find furnished and serviced apartments in Rotterdam for your stay by searching right here on Nestpick.

Accommodation types in Rotterdam

Rooms for Rent in Rotterdam

If you’re looking for affordable longer-term accommodation, then you can find a room for rent in Rotterdam. There are lots of rooms in Rotterdam available within shared houses or apartments. This gives you your own bedroom and sometimes a private bathroom, with the rest of the apartment shared between the rest of your flatmates. This can come at a much lower cost than renting your own apartment. Rooms for rent in Rotterdam can typically be found for around €400 - €600.

As the home to the Erasmus University, Rotterdam also attracts a lot of international students from around Europe and further afield. Renting rooms in Rotterdam is popular amongst the city’s student population as it is an affordable way to live and a good way to meet and socialise with other students or locals. You can search through rooms for rent in Rotterdam on Nestpick.

Rotterdam Apartments & Rooms for Rent by District

Rotterdam, with a population of 620,000, is a dynamic and flourishing city in South Holland in the Netherlands around one hour away from Amsterdam. With a growing expat population, hordes of international students and a refreshing lack of tourists, Rotterdam is more international than most cities with as many as 51% of the population being expatriates or foreign students. Finding Rotterdam apartments to rent can prove rather tricky.

The Netherlands has a new face for architecture and design and it’s all in Rotterdam. Having been devastated by bombings in World War II, much of the last century was spent rebuilding, renovating and redefining Rotterdam’s aesthetic and culture. Impressive modern architecture and a vibrant international character has ensured Rotterdam’s inclusion in the New York Times and The Rough Guide's must-see cities of 2014. Rotterdam's city centre is alive and vibrant, thanks to several initiatives that focus on bringing residents and expats to Binnenrotte, Market Hall, Grote Kerkplein, and Coolsingel. Local cuisine mixes a wealth of flavours, with Spanish bars and Italian restaurants alongside Chinese bistros and Surinamese canteens. The city centre is attractive, with a focus on entertainment and shopping as well as lush green parks. Many expats and working professionals are looking for apartments for rent in Rotterdam, and whether you are in need of student housing in Rotterdam or interested in fully furnished apartments, Nestpick has something for you. Here is our guide to the city ...

Rotterdam Centrum Apartments (The City Centre)

Apartments in Rotterdam town centre are a mixture of traditional buildings dating from around 1900 and new minimalist: simple buildings with shared staircases, spacious villas and modern apartments overlooking the water. Parking is limited, but the residents enjoy close proximity to a variety of museums, shops and restaurants. The area around the Central Station is a real hotspot.

Kralingen, Rotterdam Apartments

The youthful vibe in this part of town can largely be attributed to its vast student population. The campus of Erasmus University is located in the eastern part of Kralingen. 15 minutes away from the city centre, Kralingen is home to both high and low income groups simultaneously, with huge mansions as well as low income apartments.With such a mix of housing, and residents from all over the world, the district has become one of the most international spots in the city. Kralingen hosts also the Football team S.B.V. Excelsior in its Rotterdam Excelsior stadium. In the neighborhood you’ll find a lake and forests.

Kop van Zuid / Zuid, Rotterdam Apartments

An entirely new construction, the Kop van Zuid (literally, “head of South”) neighbourhood in Rotterdam trails from the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas to the Erasmus Bridge. It was built in 1993 on 120 hectares of the former port of Rotterdam. Old, abandoned warehouses and buildings in this area were transformed into new offices and residential areas. It should be no surprise then that in Rotterdam apartments for rent long term can come in all shapes and sizes, and those in Zuid are very popular for expats and business professionals. Properties range from warehouse-transformed apartments to newly-designed, modern apartment blocks. The rates are the same as those of the centre. The area has a cozy atmosphere with lots of entertainment venues. The low-cost housing is attractive for young people looking for somewhere cool but affordable. Kop van Zuid is home to the Hotel New York as well as the World Port Centre and the Montevideo.

Hillegersberg, Rotterdam Apartments

A Rotterdam jewel, Hillegersberg is a leafy suburb on the north east of the city. Located between the lake Voorplas and Kralingse Plas, a village dating back to medieval ages, Hillegersberg is considered to be one of the best locations to rent an apartment. The area escaped wartime bombing, leaving the old village centre and elegant residential streets intact. Rotterdam apartments in Hillegersberg can be expensive but they remain enduringly popular, sought after both by the Dutch and expatriates. It’s home to some of the city’s international schools, making it an ideal choice for families searching expat housing Rotterdam. Closely connected to Rotterdam but still being classified as a suburb, Hillegersberg is quiet family-friendly green area, which preserves a very authentic village feeling. Newer build family apartments can be found next to Villas in Hillegersberg nowadays. Hillegersberg also boasts two large lakes, where there’s endless boating and sailing in summer and skating in winter.

Blijdorp, Rotterdam Apartments

North-west of the city centre lies Blijdorp, a prime location for expats working in the city. At the moment, Blijdorp is one of the most popular districts for young expats, students and young families. The average age is between 25 and 45. The apartments in Blijdorp are housed on cosy, neighbourhood streets and within well-crafted buildings. Blijdorp is most famous for the ‘Diergaarde Blijdorp’, which is one of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands. Blijdorp brings together the convenience of staying centrally while not having to deal with the noise of urban rotterdam. There is minimal traffic and residents have access to great shops and international schools. Blijdorp is a great place to live and work.

Working in Rotterdam

Working in Rotterdam will provide you with a number of employment opportunities: port work to hospitality, medicine to international marketing. Besides working in Rotterdam, there is much to be found in the area of study. Erasmus University provides quality education and has expanded to include a separate school for management and study at the Erasmus Medical Centre.
In addition, Rotterdam has a number of other universities and colleges: the University of Rotterdam, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Codarts, Islamic University of Rotterdam, Shipping and Transport College Rotterdam.

Who lives in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam has always been international thanks to its historic port which remains the largest in Europe and amongst the top five most important ports in the world. According to a recent analysis, 70% of the population is single and between the ages of 20 and 40 and possesses higher education and a high income. 51% of the city centre (Centrum) population were born outside of the Netherlands. There are significant communities from Suriname, Turkey, Netherlands Antilles, China, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom. Perhaps because of its international character, 80% of Rotterdam apartments and homes are rented, not owned.

Student Housing in Rotterdam

Student Housing, Accommodation and Rooms for Rent in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is in the South of The Netherlands and is a riverside city. The spoken language is Dutch, however English will be widely heard too and is often a requirement when studying. This city is renowned for a lively cultural life and vast maritime heritage.

There is lot’s to do and lot’s to explore, therefore take a walk down trendy Witte de Withstraat or look at the Cube Houses for amazing architectural designs. For some uptown living visit Hillegersberg. Hillegersberg is a beautiful village home to some of the most luxurious designer stores in the Netherlands.

Finding the place to begin a new life in a new city will never be easy. There are many options to chose from, when choosing a student residence in Rotterdam. Here is a guide to help you to have a safe and comfortable stay whilst studying in Rotterdam.

Student Accommodation Rotterdam

Residences in Rotterdam consists of different, but good options. Either you rent a room in a shared house, get a private student flat, live in a student resident hall or your own apartment.

All these types of student residences, may require a minimum deposit of one month’s rent and one months rent upfront. Agencies or landlords may ask for a reference or guarantor (usually a parent) and proof of enrollment at your University.

Rotterdam is a port city and is scattered with rivers and canals. It has an area of 319.4 km. Cheap accommodation in Rotterdam are to be found by looking further away from the city center. It is important to keep the distance of your university in mind, when you consider viable options.

Shared Home

In a flatshare in Rotterdam you will be living with other students or young professionals. Therefore shared student homes in Rotterdam are for students that enjoy a co-living lifestyle. Living in a shared home is great for meeting new people from throughout the city or world. A shared student accommodation will come with a kitchen and bathroom. Some shared houses can include extra amenities, including a lounge and outdoor space. Generally all shared houses will come as furnished and will be advertised differently if otherwise. Meaning, you do not have to worry about the financial stress of furnishing your home.


If you are considering getting your own student apartmentin Rotterdam, be aware that this is the most costly alternative in Rotterdam. Looking for your own apartment is a great option for friends willing to split the cost! This gives you the privacy and security of your own home in your student flat in Rotterdam. An apartment in Rotterdam will either be gemeubileerd (furnished) or gestoffeerd (soft- furnishings i.e carpets, light fittings). Furnished apartments in Rotterdam are generally more popular to students than expats and professionals.

Student Halls

Student residence halls will either be private or run by your University. Living in a hall is a hands-on student approach. It is great for making long lasting friends. A furnished student room will typically consist of a bed, desk and shared bathroom/kitchen area. Some student rooms in Rotterdam will offer extras including en-suites, shared kitchen and a social area (usually at an additional price). Some student residences may also be unfurnished, so it is always best to check.

Universities in Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Erasmus University Rotterdam is located in the district Kralingen. All departments and institutes are concentrated on two campuses. The Kralingse Bos is host to Kralingse Plas which is beautiful for walks around or water sports activities in the summer.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Rotterdam’s University of Applied Sciences has 10 campuses across the city. A lot of the campuses are located in the center of the city and are easily accessible. Just north of the University is the Blijdorp district. Blijdorb is a quiet and less tourist-oriented part of the city nearby Vroesenpark. A popular central hub for students is Katendrecht; once old Chinatown is now a trendy home for students, with lot’s of hip and alternative shops.

Transport in Rotterdam

Checking your proximity and travel route to University is important. You must ensure an easy transit. This will save you time, stress and money!

Rotterdam was the first Dutch city to open a metro line. Rotterdam provides an extensive public transportation system. You can travel the city by bus, tram or metro. There are three main lines on the network. It’s nearly 80km long and has 62 stations. The tram system has nearly 100km of track on 9 lines. There are 33 bus routes within the city. There are 7 railway stations in the city connecting Rotterdammers to the rest of the Netherlands and mainland Europe. To pay for public transport you will need a valid public transport card, known as the 'personal OV-chipkaart'. However like most Dutch cities popular choice of transport is bike! Rotterdam, as the second largest city in The Netherlands, has many cycle paths and routes set up just for push bikes. There is even a bike highway! Throughout the city are many storage points to park and lock your bike.
The city is served by Rotterdam The Hague Airport located a few kilometres outside the city.

Cost of living in Rotterdam

The cost of living in Rotterdam is similar in day-to-day expenditure to that of Amsterdam although accommodation is more affordable, generally speaking. Here are some example prices:
• Meal in an inexpensive restaurant: €15
• Meal for 2 in a mid-range restaurant: €50
• Loaf of bread: €1.30
• Packet of cigarettes: €6
• Monthly metro pass: €50
• Basic utilities (heating, water, electricity, waste disposal): €190
• Average monthly disposable salary (after tax): €1,850
source: numbeo

Rotterdam facts

- Rotterdam has more professional football clubs than any other city in the Netherlands
- It’s the greenest city in the country. The city has over half a million trees, almost one for every citizen
- To create Maasvlakte 2, an expansion of Rotterdam’s already enormous port, almost 340 million cubic metres of sand need to be reclaimed from the sea
- Rotterdam port is 40km long, employs 180,000 people and handles approximately 450m tonnes of good per annum.
- You can fly to London, Brussels, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Paris, and Munich within 1 hour 45 minutes