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$4,600 Apartment

A small and attractive city nestled just south of san Mateo in the Bay Area. Apartments for rent in San Carlos are affordable and available, especially in comparison to cities such as san francisco and Los Angeles. Predominantly built in the 50’s and 60’s San Carlos provides excellent local schools, and a welcoming neighbourhood to move to which are two important factors for families or single parents.

San Carlos apartments for rent are also very affordable in comparison to the Bay Area. A single apartment in Downtown San Carlos can cost as little as 1,500 a month. A little outside of the centre you will find the hillside communities, these winding roads lead off t attractive 60’s built houses over amazing views over the area and rent for these properties stand a little higher, but they also come with great outside space and up to four bedrooms.

Rooms for Rent in San Carlos

If you can afford it, then an entire apartment is a good choice for those with more of a disposable income. However, a cheap and viable option for young professionals moving to the area would be looking for rooms for rent in San Carlos, this is a very heap way of moving to a new city and not bankrupting yourself for accommodation, as landlords often require a deposit for an apartment and the first few months rent upfront.

San Carlos apartments for rent will cost a lot more for just one person, so sharing the rent with other people including the bills and utilities is a great money saver. This is a more affordable alternative, and also a great way to meet new people in the community. For last minute rooms available check for sublets in the area as these are updated constantly, however be aware that they are usually short term lets.