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Seville, called also Hispalis or Ishbiliya, is the capital city of Andalusia. It is an intoxicating combination of ancient history, modern prosperity and thriving culture. One of Spain’s leading destinations, it is home to the famous Alameda de Hércules - a garden square built in 1574. In Seville apartments for rent highly demanded. Rooms for rent in Seville can be easily obtained through a couple of clicks on Nestpick.

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Moving to Seville and finding an accommodation

Seville (Sevilla in Spanish) is the centre of Andalusia, a region famous for flamenco music, Moorish architecture, constant sunshine and great food. Its beauty attracts students to study at the universities in Seville, seniors seeking refuge from the colder winters elsewhere, and business men and women from around the globe. Seville is home to several UNESCO protected World Heritage Sites, including the Giralda, the minaret of a mosque turned into a cathedral, and the Archivo General de Indias. Seville is also home to the Catedral de Santa María de la Sede, which opened its doors in 1528 and which is one of the biggest churches in the world and the Alcázar of Seville, the main palace, which is still the official residence of the royal family. Seville is also home to Real Betis FC and Club Futbol de Seville. It is an extremely accessible city, with its compact, but efficient metro network and plenty of buses. The people are generally welcoming and relaxed, and the expat community is growing each year. Finding accommodation in the city is simple. It is not considered to be an expensive city by western European standards. With some luck you can find single rooms for less than €350 per month, whilst you will pay around €1,200 to €1,600 per month for furnished apartments with outdoor space such as a balcony or roof terrace.


Macarena right next to the centre, is a residential neighbourhood. The flats in Macarena are often more affordable than in the centre and you’ll still be close to everything.

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Located 15 minutes walk from the Plaza of Spain, Nervion is a business district with lots of offices and services of all kinds. The Nervion district is also home to the faculties of the University of Seville, including law, economics and business.

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Triana, located in the east of Seville, is home to Seville’s most beautiful buildings, such as the Moorish Chapel of el Carmen. The locals here consider themselves to be ‘Trianeros’. Triana is the home to the Flamenco culture and hosts its own festivals. In spring and summer, Triana is the venue for the ‘April Feria’ and ‘Vela Santana’, which are found nowhere else. If you need student accommodation in Seville, look no further. The area is full of bars and restaurants. The normal price of a room in Triana is upwards of €250.

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La Alameda

La Alameda, which is considered the tourist center of Seville, offers several boutique stores, nice restaurants and is the main nightlife center for the city. Here you will find Seville apartments for rent long term close to the historic garden square as well as the lively gay quarter of the town. This neighbourhood also offers some of the best student apartments to rent in Seville. Alfalfa is a popular neighborhood with Erasmus students in Seville. You’ll find bars full of students any day of the week at any hour. If you don’t mind noise, living in Alfalfa can be a fun experience.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is breathtakingly beautiful, though slightly more expensive than the rest of Seville. You can rent historic apartments on winding streets that are over 1,000 years old and be close to major tourist sites like the Giralda, the minaret of Seville’s mosque, or the Cathedral of Santa Maria. With its central location, Santa Cruz is busy but convenient, and a good place for families who want furnished apartments for rent in Seville in a safe, comfortable area. The price of accommodation in the area may be higher than in others but with a bit of searching, affordable options are available.

Tips on Finding Apartments in Seville

Seville’s old town is in the Santa Cruz quarter. The quarter is filled with winding streets. The streets create natural shade for its inhabitants in hot summers. You can escape the cities heat by travelling 1-2 hours to Seville’s neighbouring, coastal beaches to relax.

Seville has three public universities and more than 80,000 university students in the city. Finding apartments to rent in Seville is relatively easy, although the availability and pricing may vary greatly depending on the season. You need to think about what type of student accommodation you want and where in Seville you would like to live. This is simple. Below is a guide helping to ease you through this transition; helping you to enjoy your time whilst you study in Seville.

Student Housing in Seville

Finding cheap accommodation in Seville is easier than other Spanish cities i.e Madrid or Barcelona. Andalusia still has a relatively low cost of living compared to other Spanish regions. The housing choices are amongst living in a co-immersed shared home, student apartments in Seville, or live in student residence halls from your university.

When renting in Seville it is common to be required to pay a deposit. Commonly this consists of one month rent and one month rent payment upfront. Your landlord may ask for proof of income in a form of a reference or payslip. A guarantor form is usually used as a reference for students. Some student residencies or landlords may require you to show proof of enrolment at your university. You can ask your university for this as they will be able to provide you with proof.

Student Residence Halls

Living in student residence halls means being amongst other peers. They are either from your university or another, as they are run privately or by your university. If you decide to live in a student room in Sevilla, you will have your own bed and a desk. In most halls you will need to share Bathroom and Kitchen, though some may offer further private amenities, such as an en-suite at an extra cost.

Student Apartments

Getting your own apartment is a great idea if you want privacy and your own space. This comes at an extra cost. Some students co-live with their friends or partners in their own apartments and they split the cost, making it much more cost effective!

Universities in Seville

Seville is a beautiful city with lots of cool, exciting and vibrant places to see. You could watch the bullfighting, see a flamenco performance or eat some free yummy tapas with a drink. Central districts like Nervion are popular with students. As one of the most popular neighbourhoods there, Nervion comes with a bustling nightlife and a fine restaurant scene. There is also lots to do on Isle La Cartuja. Over the bridges in La Cartuja there is, a theme park, theatre and botanical gardens. Further out districts will be less touristy and more cultural.

University of Seville

The University of Seville is one of the top ranked universities in the country. Sevilles rich history has put an emphasis on education. In 1505 it was confirmed as a practicing university by Pope Julius. The university was allowed to practice logic, philosophy, theology, canon and civil law. Today the university heavily influences itself on research of technology and sciences. The main campus is in the centre of Seville on the banks of the Canal de Alfonso, not far from the Reina Mercedes campus in district Heliópolis.
Travel Connections: Main Campus: Use Puerta de Jerez station for Subway Line 1.

Pablo de Olavide University

The Pablo de Olavide University is outside of the city centre. It is one of Spain’s youngest public universities, founded in 1997. In the south eastern outskirts of the city, the campus is 140 hectares large. The university involves itself in international programmes such as Erasmus. There are lots of worldwide students and the university is very international friendly.
Travel Connections: Use Subway Line 1 for transit into the city centre.

Transport in Seville

Seville is a relatively flat city. There are not too many hills making it a relatively walkable city. Nethertheless for faster transit around the city there is a bus, tram and underground service. The underground system consists of one line which stretches across the city. Likewise there are trams but limited network. The bus network is comprised of four circular routes and this is for locals the fastest and cheapest method of travel. Sevici is the bike rental service in Seville and it provides an excellent way to get around town. It has 250 collection stations , each at a maximum distance of 300 metres from each other.For long distance travelling there is an airport, Aeropuerto de Sevilla, and a cross country train service.