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A modern metropolis in Texas, Dallas is one of the top cities in USA that enjoy a massive popularity. Made famous by the emphatic win of the Dallas cowboys, this city has so much to offer to everyone. Like most of the US cities, Dallas too is mighty expensive and the average cost of living for a bachelor could well be in the range of 1500 USD a month.
That being said, you have umpteen colleges and universities here wherein you can get an admission and fetch yourself a decent job with a respected salary. The University of Texas at Dallas, the University of Dallas and even the University of North Texas are some of the names worth minting. If you are on the lookout for student housing in Dallas, we recommend searching online, for example, using Nestpick. There are several apartments on rent where group of students can stay and this can help you make great amount of savings.

Student Housing in Dallas, TX

At the same time, there are a few areas in the outskirts where the rent is likely to be lower. When you are looking for cheapest student rooms in Dallas, you have to give in adequate time to put in the research and decide accordingly. You can also ask the locals for help. Whatever you decide, first of all do a thorough research, balance your net income tally, and always pick a side job so that you can pay off your dues without burning too deep in student loans. Also, choosing a good college and a course would substantiate your chance of landing a good job and earning a decent income to support a good standard of living.

Student Accommodation in Dallas

How can I rent student accommodation in Dallas?
To rent student housing in Dallas, you can have a look at our listings on Nestpick, connect with your university to find out about your options or or even look for rooms for rent in Dallas.
How much does it cost to rent student housing in Dallas?
If you want to rent a student residence or a student apartment inDallas, you can expect rent prices between 0 and $905, according to Nestpick database,
How big is student housing in Dallas?
According to Nestpick database, student apartments or student flats in Dallas are usually around 14m² to 21m².