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Every year millions of students move to different countries to study and they all need student accommodation. Educational purposes mainly includes universities and graduate schools however more on more students are looking for options to study abroad even when they are in high school. Although studying abroad provides students an incredible experience it also brings a lot of questions in mind. And the first thing to cover for students after they are set with their new school is to find a cheap student accommodation.

What is student accommodation?
Student accommodation broadly describes the location where a student residence during their studies. It could be a shared room, an apartment, a room or a residence hall. Many students prefer staying in shared rooms as they are a cheap option as it also means more social time when they are actually really new in a different city and a school.
How does student accommodation work?
Every student after they rolled into their new schools face the same issue which is where they are going to stay until the end of the semester. Although options vary in between choices many students select rooms. To find a room for rent all they have to do is to select the location and list the available shared room options. Closeness to the campus and price are the top 2 criteria for student accommodations.
When do I apply for student accommodation?
There is no set time for applying however right before every semester starts because of the high demand many student accommodations are booked. So not to face with bad surprises and stress out before your school starts we as Nestpick suggest minimum 2 months prior to your first day of school, start looking for a cheap student accommodation!
How can I look for student accommodations near me with Nestpick?
To check student accommodations near you, check our smart bar to list student accommodations in UK, student accommodation in Germany, student accommodation in USA and many more.

Student Accommodation in Toronto

1,722 CAD

80 Wellesley Street - 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom - Junior

3,102 CAD

120 Homewood - 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom - Spirit Suite

1,828 CAD

80 Wellesley Street - 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

3,811 CAD

140 Simcoe - 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

3,397 CAD

140 Simcoe - 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

1,786 CAD

15 Dundonald Street - 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

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Student Accommodation in Madrid

670 €

Single Bed in Modern rooms for rent in residence hall near Metro in Cu

715 €

Residencia Universitaria Wunderhouse - Gold Twin (Per Person)

1,038 €

HUBR - Double Room

820 €

Double bed in Rooms for rent in modern residence hall in Tetuán

1,020 €

Single Bed in Fully equipped room with ensuite for rent in student res

1,109 €

Residencia Universitaria Vallehermoso - Large Double Room (Full Board)

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Student Accommodation in London


iQ The Arcade - Standard Five Bed


Chapter Spitalfields - 2 Bed Apartment Mid Level


iQ Paris Gardens - Gold Three Bed Apartment




iQ Shoreditch - Bronze Studio



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Student Accommodation in San Francisco


Adelaide Hostel - 4 Bed Dorm


Kapi Residences - Park Merced - 2 bedroom 2 bathroom - 5 students (Tri


Jasper - 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom


Leavenworth 4 - Private Room


NEMA - Studio


Kapi Residences - Park Merced - 3 bedroom 2 bathroom - 7 students (Dou

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Student Accommodation in Montreal

840 CAD

Maison du Plateau - Room 4 Maison du Plateau Third floor

1,940 CAD

Bright 1BR in Plateau by Sonder - 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom - 44

840 CAD

La Maison du Village Côte des Neiges - Room 2

1,182 CAD

Prince Arthur Studios - Studio

1,630 CAD

Place Dorchester - 2 Bedrooms Penthouse Renovated - Luxury Unit

4,376 CAD

Industrial 5BR in Plateau by Sonder - 5 Bedroom 2 Bathroom - 50

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Student Accommodation in Boston


International Guest House - Bed Seven


Brattle Drive - Two-bedroom


898 Massachusetts Avenue - 1 Bedroom Apartment


Vivo Apartment Homes - Lechmere - 1 Bed / 1 Bath


110 Babcock Street - 2 Bedroom 1 Bath


Charlesbank Apartment Homes - Studio - Curtis

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Student Accommodation in Edinburgh


Elliott House - Gold Twin Room


Potterrow - Bronze Shared Apartment


iQ Grove - Silver En Suite


King’s Stables Road - Diamond Studio


Meadow Court - Standard Room


Elliott House - Gold Studio

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Student Accommodation in San Diego


BLVD 63 - 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom-Surf Wagon


Iconic on Alvarado - Montezuma 4B/4B - Double


BLVD 63 - 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom-El Camino


Iconic on Alvarado - Montezuma 4B/4B - Single


Zuma - 4 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom Agave - Double


Iconic on Alvarado - 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom - Western (Private)

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