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The capital city of Arizona and also the most populated one, Phoenix is very popular among tourists, especially hikers. Hailed to be an affordable city to live in, compared with the rest of the American cities; you still need to earn a decent income to manage a standard living here. Those who choose to study here should often pick up different part time jobs so that they can sustain the cost of living. Phoenix is home to some of the top reputed colleges that see applications pouring in from different parts of the world. The Arizona Christian University, the Grand Canyon University, and even the University of Advancing Technology seem to have made a good name for themselves. While most colleges and universities offer the provision to stay on the campus, it is likely to be a very expensive choice.
This is why those who are on a budget always tending to look for affordable student apartments in Phoenix. There are several areas that are devoted to student housing apartments and cheaper rents and when you want to cut down on the net expenses, searching for such options seem like the right thing to do.

Student Housing in Phoenix, AZ

The monthly rent usually ranges from $650 to $1500. Buying a home will be a very costly afar as the price tends to range from $125,000 to $300,000 and upwards. So, when you add up the conveyance, food, travel and other expenses, you might find it hard to handle all of it. This is the reason looking for cheapest student rooms in Phoenix seems to be a great alternative. Use sites like Nestpick and make sure to put in your price filter so that you can find the most suited results.

Student Accommodation in Phoenix

How can I rent student accommodation in Phoenix?
To rent student housing in Phoenix, you can have a look at our listings on Nestpick, connect with your university to find out about your options or or even look for rooms for rent in Phoenix.
How much does it cost to rent student housing in Phoenix?
If you want to rent a student residence or a student apartment inPhoenix, you can expect rent prices between 0 and 0, according to Nestpick database,
How big is student housing in Phoenix?
According to Nestpick database, student apartments or student flats in Phoenix are usually around 25m² to 55m².