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The most populated and the capital city of Russia, Moscow is one of the famous places. It is known to be mighty expensive even when you compare it with the European standards. Regardless, people in large numbers queue up to enjoy their stay here. From tourists to ex-pats, students, and relatives; Moscow is home to innumerable people.
Russia has been rated to be the 8th best country in Europe as far as education standards are concerned. From Moscow State University to the Higher School of Economics, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute and more; the list is very long and endless. You can always take a look at the ranks, the curriculum offered, the fee structure and the scholarship offered, and then put in your best efforts to get an entry in these prestigious universities.

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There are a few areas that are known to offer affordable student housing in Moscow and you should try to explore these areas. When you are on the lookout for student apartments in Moscow that fit your budget, checking the details of the area is equally important. An important tip we would like to add here is that always look for reliable sources when settling for an apartment because the last thing you want is to know that you have been hoodwinked in a foreign land.

Student Accommodation in Moscow

How can I rent student accommodation in Moscow?
To rent student housing in Moscow, you can have a look at our listings on Nestpick, connect with your university to find out about your options or or even look for rooms for rent in Moscow.
How much does it cost to rent student housing in Moscow?
If you want to rent a student residence or a student apartment inMoscow, you can expect rent prices between 0 and 0, according to Nestpick database,
How big is student housing in Moscow?
According to Nestpick database, student apartments or student flats in Moscow are usually around 23m² to 52m².