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The capital of Russia is truly a city that reflects its unique history. Admittedly, on first glances it may not be the most beautiful or charming place, but scratch the surface and Moscow’s flats have plenty of charm and there are gems to discover. After 75 years of communist rule and a buildings ethos based around practicality not beauty, the city struggles to compete with Paris or Vienna for impressive boulevards or many neighborhoods of grandeur. However, the beautiful ornate Tsarist architecture still clings on in areas like Zamoskvorechye and provides those who can afford it apartments for rent for long term in Moscow.

As a reflection of its recent past, Moscow apartments are predominantly Soviet built uniformed blocks, without much charm or style, but yet holds comfortable housing for the majority of the city. To rent an apartment in Moscow’s Zamoskvorechye district is to be transported back to a time of Imperial Russia, with old beautiful and well kept buildings providing expats with apartments in Moscow.

The area is growing in popularity and is very pedestrian friendly, with the main streets full of street vendors and trendy pop up shops and cafes making it into a destination in itself. The area of Vin Zavod has seen a rejuvenation in recent years with an emphasis on using old Soviet factories and warehouses as new hubs for art and gentrified industries supporting locals creative and entrepreneurs. To rent a flat in Moscow’s Vin Zavod/Artplay district, expect a still rapidly developing neighborhood with some gritty edges and sketchy corners.

Furnished Apartments in Moscow

The Arbat district holds plenty of serviced apartments in Moscow Russia, the district is to the west of the city center, with good transport links to the downtown and central zone. There are many pockets of serviced apartments across the city in other places like Vin Zavod and Khamovki, usually with slightly higher prices than normal private rents.

Serviced apartments in Moscow are becoming more popular, especially with new construction projects taking place across the city. The traditional Soviet built blocks that are across the city do not allow for much creative expression, thus serviced apartment tend to be based in new buildings with more space for each apartment. The public transport in Moscow is busy and in need of updating, but it is still a better option than the rush hour traffic, thus the area is useful as it is very close to the Kiyevsky Railway Station.

Serviced apartments Moscow Russia provide facilities, amenities and services such as 24 hour underground parking, which is very important in city with scarce parking like Moscow. The higher end buildings offer facilities such as a gym, sauna and pool for residents. The basic services include house cleaning and laundry, which is great for expats and workers who have high stress jobs and have little time to deal with household chores.

Types of Accommodations in Moscow

Rent a room in Moscow

Cheap accommodation, rooms and Flatshares in Moscow

For those expats interesting in moving to moscow for a job or partner, be aware that it is a relatively cheap city to live in in comparison to the capitals of Western Europe. Having said that, moving to a new city is an expensive process and many can find it a strain on their finances. A great way to save some money when moving to a new city is to rent a room in Moscow. The benefit of this type of accommodation in Moscow is that it is considerably cheaper than an entire apartment. A cheap room for rent in Moscow is likely to cost the tenant at least half the price of en entire apartment to themselves.

rooms in moscow’s Vin Zavod Area are very reasonably priced at is still has the tag of an up and coming neighborhood, thus many people are still hesitant to go until full gentrification takes place. Rooms for rent in Moscow’s Zamoskvorechye neighborhood are a little more expensive due to the Tsarist architecture that is prevalent here, along with the hipster community feeling.

Student Accommodation in Moscow

There are so many universities in Moscow to choose from, that the choice is near endless depending on the course. The city has a great history of education and centers for higher learning, thus its academic background certainly contributes to its high standing reputation in the sphere of Universities worldwide. As Moscow is such a large city, it is difficult to figure out where exactly the main student area is, and that is because there is not one definite one, but many smaller pockets which are student friendly.

The student accommodation in Moscow is ample and cheap, Soviet built apartment blocks provide the perfect place in which students live, work and study. The low cost of living in the city and great nightlife mean students are able to enjoy themselves alongside their studies too.

Types of Moscow Apartments For Rent

  • 1 bedroom apartments: 178
  • 2 bedroom apartments: 120
  • 3 bedroom apartments: 61
  • Rooms: 98
  • Studio: 20

Popular Districts to rent apartments in Moscow

  • Apartments in Tverskaya: 59
  • Apartments in Arbat : 87
  • Apartments in Pokrovsky Hills: 43
  • Apartments in Rosinka: 41

Prices for Apartments for rent in Moscow

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Accommodation Types Moscow Rent Prices by Meter Square
1 Bedroom Apartment1546.29 RUB
2 Bedroom Apartment1361,85 RUB
3 Bedroom Apartment1396,15 RUB
Balcony1888,32 RUB
Size (0-50 sqm)1532,06 RUB
Size (50-100 sqm)1490,73 RUB
Size (100-150 sqm)1392,44 RUB
Size (150-200 sqm)1300,28 RUB