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Seated on the Mediterranean shoreline, Tel Aviv is one of the most reputable cities in the Middle East as it is beautiful, well arranged, and clean. It is the home to more than 50,000 students who are mainly schooling at Tel Aviv University and Bar-Ilan University. These major universities in Tel Aviv are not too far from each other; hence, their students are staying in different neighborhoods around Ramat Aviv and Ramat Gan. This makes student housing in Tel Aviv to be quite dynamic. Notably, there are other small and less populated higher education institutions in the city.
Students of Tel Aviv University should look for homes around the school areas. The Millie Phillips student city, which is Tel Aviv University's unique accommodation project, should be the topmost choice of many students of the university. Other institutions also have accommodations that are specifically designed for their students. These accommodations are the cheapest you will get in the whole city. As expected, the students will have to share rooms and other communal areas among themselves. But if you don't like the idea of communal living, you may want to look for student apartments in Tel Aviv's foremost neighborhoods.

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Student Housing in Tel Aviv

Karem Hateimanim is one of the surest areas to find cheap student rooms in Tel Aviv but it is not as close to a lot of the schools as Rajat Aviv and Ramat Gan. The area also lacks the vibrant school experience that will make your stay in Tel Aviv to be more pleasurable. If you want to stay among some of the influential people of Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek will be a perfect place to find an apartment. Accentuated with eye-catching Oriental and European architecture, Neve Tzedek is very expensive; so you need to be ready to spend a lot of money on house rent. Otherwise, you can find cheaper rooms in Jaffa, which is slightly farther away from the universities.

Student Accommodation in Tel Aviv

How can I rent student accommodation in Tel Aviv?
To rent student housing in Tel Aviv, you can have a look at our listings on Nestpick, connect with your university to find out about your options or or even look for rooms for rent in Tel Aviv.
How much does it cost to rent student housing in Tel Aviv?
If you want to rent a student residence or a student apartment inTel Aviv, you can expect rent prices between 0 and 0, according to Nestpick database,
How big is student housing in Tel Aviv?
According to Nestpick database, student apartments or student flats in Tel Aviv are usually around 28m² to 46m².