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Also hailed as the Lichtstad- the city of lights, Eindhoven is known to be the true seat of the industrial powerhouse of the Netherlands. Located in the southern part of the country; it is the fifth-largest city and is constantly developing and that too at a rapid pace. The average cost of living in Eindhoven is approximately $900 without rent which infers that students who choose to study at some of the top colleges in this city might have to look out for affordable student apartments in Eindhoven.
When you are looking for student apartments in Eindhoven, make sure to read all the clauses and details of the agreement. Also, you should run a thorough check on the area because you do not want to stay in a dingy area and become prone to crime or even robbery. Also, choose a reliable source when booking an apartment because it is important to ensure peace of mind at the chosen accommodation. Mostly Eindhoven is bustling with options as far as accommodation and housing are concerned. So, decide your budget and filter the options accordingly.

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The Eindhoven University of technology is, of course, one of the biggest names here. Along with this, the Avans Hogeschool and Fontys University of Applied Sciences seem to be one of the top and reputed options too. These colleges are mainly known to empower young minds and train then for achieving excellence in the field of science, technology, and engineering. These elite league colleges attract students in large numbers, and staying on the campus can turn out to be a costly affair which is why you should be looking for cheapest student rooms in Eindhoven.

Student Accommodation in Eindhoven

How can I rent student accommodation in Eindhoven?
To rent student housing in Eindhoven, you can have a look at our listings on Nestpick, connect with your university to find out about your options or or even look for rooms for rent in Eindhoven.
How much does it cost to rent student housing in Eindhoven?
If you want to rent a student residence or a student apartment inEindhoven, you can expect rent prices between 576 € and 1,186 €, according to Nestpick database,
How big is student housing in Eindhoven?
According to Nestpick database, student apartments or student flats in Eindhoven are usually around 10m² to 27m².