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Student Accommodation in Nottingham

As opposed to the more American style set up of big condo blocks dedicated for people studying at universities, Nottingham student housing consists more of a group of 4 or 5 students all sharing a house together. Students all typically get a room each within the house, each with its own lock for privacy. Not only is this very social but it really helps to keep costs down, with average monthly rent at $84 a week.

Dependent on which university you are attending, Nottingham Trent or the University of Nottingham, common places to live include Clifton which although has had a rough reputation in the past has always been student friendly, or West Bridgford which is closer to the city and has a more cosmopolitan feel to it – as well as higher rental prices.

Student Housing in Nottingham


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Nottingham is a big student city, with students from both the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent. So, there are lots of student rooms in Nottingham available for both universities. As well as on-campus accommodation, Lenton and Beeston are the main areas for students of the University of Nottingham to live. There is lots of affordable student accommodation in these areas.

For Nottingham Trent University, student accommodation is mostly found in and around the city centre, where many of the university’s faculties are found. The university also has a campus out in Clifton, where there are more student rooms for Nottingham Trent. West Bridgford is another popular area, although it is a little costlier than the other areas. With a student population of more than 60,000, Nottingham is a great city for the student lifestyle, with lots of bars and restaurants offering student discounts, plus cheaper public transport for students.

If you don’t like the idea of sharing your home with lots of other people, then looking for bedsits in Nottingham is another great option for living affordably in the city. A bedsit, like a studio apartment, contains your living and sleeping areas in one large room. This gives you a space that’s entirely your own, either to live alone or as a couple. You’ll have separate areas for cooking, sleeping, and relaxing, plus a private bathroom.

Bedsits in Nottingham can be found in a variety of locations in and around the city, and provide a cheaper way to rent accommodation compared to renting a whole apartment. Bedsits are particularly common for postgraduate student accommodation and may be found on campuses like Raleigh Park and Broadgate, for students of the University of Nottingham.

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