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Studio Apartments in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the very well known cities in United States making it more on high demand when it comes to accommodation. Before jumping into how you can rent a studio apartment in Las Vegas, let’s talk about the city you are planning on moving into!

Studio apartments for rent in Las Vegas

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How much are studio apartments in Las Vegas?
The average rental price in Las Vegas for studio rentals are in between $846 and $1,024. However in United States depending on travel times and government regulations this cost may change in time.
How big are studio apartments in Las Vegas?
In Las Vegas, studio apartments are usually in between 15m² and 54m² however this may vary in different districts.
How to find studio apartments in Las Vegas?
Depending on the city you travel, we suggest you start looking for a studio at least 2 months before your move in date. If you are looking to move to Las Vegas and in need for a studio rental you came to the right place! Easily type your destination and hit search. Nestpick’s smart search bar will present you with all the available accommodation in Las Vegas.We are currently listing 54 studio apartments in Las Vegas. You can start your search with us now!
How does studio apartment in Las Vegas look like?
A typical studio apartment in United States is a small-sized apartment which consists of one large room that combines the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. In Las Vegas, a studio apartment usually has a small bathroom, some also have a balcony or other separate spaces.
Who can rent studio apartments in Las Vegas ?
Studio apartment meets the need of singles, students and young professionals in Las Vegas. Compared to other property types, It’s particularly popular for people who live in United States.