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What are studio apartments?
A studio apartment is a small apartment that contains a living room, bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom. Though some studio apartments may have all these separate rooms some may come in with an open kitchen and multipurpose rooms.
Who should book studio apartments?
Studio apartments are great options for students, small families as well as business travelers. As they are very compact and easy to move in anyone is comfortable living in a relatively small space can be very happy living in a studio apartment.
How big are studio apartments?
Studio apartment sizes might change from city to city. In Europe though the average is 30m2 in different countries in the continent this number varies.
Difference between studios and apartments?
Studios are smaller spaces they are usually 1 bedroom apartments however apartments are bigger in m2 and they have more bedrooms
How to find cheap studios near me?
If you are looking for a cheap furnished studio apartment, check out Nestpick’s clever search engine. Select your destination and filter by studio apartments. If you are looking for a studio in the United Kingdom studio apartments there are called as studio flats. Hence we suggest for the UK searches please try studio flats.

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