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Rent Apartments and Rooms in Sydney, Australia

Life in Sydney, Australia can be very vibrant and exciting. You're sure to find lots of sunlight, flora and fauna like you've never seen before, and some of Australia's biggest and best beaches. Sydney is Australia's business capital and also boasts high wages, for both Australian nationals and expats alike. This also means that furnished apartments for rent in Sydney can be a significant expense in terms of cost-of-living in this beautiful country. The Sydney Central Business District and the beaches are where most expats reside and also where you can find and rent more furnished apartments and rooms for rent in Sydney.

Sydney is a dynamic and multicultural city with a sunny climate. About 5.6 million people live in this city with a vibrant cultural scene, enjoying the fabulous coastline, nature reserves and fantastic food. As ranked as one of the most liveable cities, Sydney continues to grow in popularity. One of the reasons that people flock to the city, is the spectacular weather. Sydney’s weather is pleasant and moderate, means that moving here you’ll access generous, lengthy summers, mild winters and many sunny days all year around.

Furnished Apartments in Sydney

While renting apartments in Sydney you normally have two types of properties to choose: furnished and unfurnished apartments. For a planned long stay in Sydney people normally go for unfurnished apartments, for which you have to purchase furniture and domestic appliances by yourself and the electricity and water bills are not included in the rent. However since the lease on these apartments are usually for a minimum of 6 months, you don’t need to worry about getting kicked out by your landlord. If you want to get rid of the hustle, or you only stay for a limited time, furnished and serviced apartments in Sydney seems more suitable for you. These apartments are more suited for short term stays and can be rented on a weekly basis. The rent usually includes the cost of utilities. For a one bedroom apartment in Sydney plan on spending AU$400 a week minimum, while two bedroom apartments start at about AU$ 600 a week minimum.

How to find an apartment in Sydney?

Although living in Sydney sounds attractive, there are more things to concern when it comes to reality. The first step is always finding accommodation. Hunting rental apartments in Sydney is a time-consuming action, which requires a lot of tactics. Before you find your perfect apartment in Sydney, you’ll need to know that actually securing a place isn’t easy. Due to the high demand for rental properties there are usually competitions going around, for example, the landlord or agent usually arrange you and other potential tenants viewing one place all together, which is called “open inspection”. If you really want that property, you have to make time to see the viewing and ask work for some time off. Don’t forget to take all completed forms and ID to the viewing, ready to hand over to the real estate as soon as you are ready to commit to the property.

Student Accommodation in Sydney

Students have plenty of options for accommodation in Sydney. You will be able to find shared apartment if you are planning to live with friends or other students. Sydney has a large range of accommodation options available to international students. With choices ranging from on-campus housing or homestay to self-catered apartments or share houses, there’s an option to suit every budget. Depending on which campus you shall be attending you can choose your accommodation, as staying close to the university is most suitable, you will cut down the time for travelling and have more time for university related activities. Some institutions also offer apartments for rent either close to or on campus. For a more self-catered living, students usually go for single and shared apartments, which are more expensive to rent, but with more freedom.

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Neighborhoods in Sydney

Sydney is a large expansive city and narrowing down your search of what suburbs you want to live will cut down your time at the beginning. Be well prepared when you set out on your search. Most importantly is getting to know the different neighborhoods and find out which one is the best for you to move in. A good one bed apartment will cost from AU$550-700 per week in the CBD areas, including Bondi, Surry Hills, Paddington, Balmain etc. These are the city centre and own the best proximity. The further you head away from the beach, the more affordable the properties tend to be. However, if you don’t mind to commute a good few hours a day to work, living in neighborhoods like Blue Mountains could be also a good idea, so that you could live in a beautiful suburb away from the city. And the rent will be accordingly much cheaper than the CBD area.

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