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In recent years Canada has become one of the most desirable places in the world to live and being Canada's most prominent city – Toronto is benefitting from this. People from all over the world have come to find apartments for rent here and as such it is one of the most multicultural, diverse and lively cities in the world. Toronto's apartments are becoming increasingly sort after however and with a price increase of 33% between 2016 and 2017 – the time is now to move to Canadas' commercial hub. The Average rent in the city for a one-bedroom apartment now stands at $1200 and a 2-bedroom at $1450. There is also a huge difference when it comes to older buildings and newer condo blocks – every apartment in Toronto that was built after 1991 is exempt from rent control laws and so expect prices to be a lot higher.

Serviced Apartment's Toronto

If you are in town for a short period of time and don't want to go through the hassle of signing a lease and arranging bill payments – it may be a good idea to look at Toronto's selection of serviced apartments. These apartments are often always in central locations and near to businesses and universities that you may be working at or studying with. Toronto's serviced apartments are also full of great extra amenities such as gyms, pools and steam rooms – perfect when you either need to bask in the summer sunshine or take refuge from the cold elements outside in winter. However, these do not come cheap with prices north of $2500 the norm.

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Top Duplex-Loft Style Apartment In Brick Building

3,627 CAD

Lake view furnished 1 bedroom in downtown Toronto

5,369 CAD
Sky View Suites

McCaul A - Two Bedroom Furnished Apartment

3,749 CAD
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University Plaza AD - 1 Bedroom Furnished Apartment

4,412 CAD

Luxurious Central Executive Apt. Sleeps 4

4,457 CAD

Victoria Village, Modern Two Bedroom with Parking

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1,049 CAD

Room in Chinatown

5,494 CAD
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Qwest Z - 2 Bedroom Furnished Apartment For Rent

965 CAD

Room in Leslieville

1,500 CAD

Wendy homestay

1,299 CAD

Room in Downtown Toronto

1,302 CAD

Room in Entertainment District

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Featured Apartments

4,382 CAD
Sky View Suites

1 Bedroom Furnished Rental at York and Bremner

3,425 CAD

2 bedroom furnished downtown Toronto high floor

5,808 CAD

Modern High rise 1 Bedroom in Downtown Toronto

6,703 CAD

Brand New Luxury 1Bedroom Condo Downtown

6,205 CAD

Modern and Vibrant Condo Across From CN Tower

2,632 CAD

North Toronto near Sheppard West subway and Highways

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934 CAD

Lovely Homestay.

1,080 CAD

Basement bedroom with own bathroom!

799 CAD

Friendly Family in Don Mills

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Feel at home

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we love to sing watching movies

960 CAD

Marilyn's Homestay

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Toronto's Apartments by Districts

As with a lot of major cities, Toronto can be split up into a multitude of different districts, each with their own different flavor. CN's famous tower dominates downtowns skyline and whilst more popular in the daytime with workers, there are still lots of good rental opportunities. If you venture slightly north of downtown you will begin to reach the wealthier areas of Toronto – these are sort after zip codes with the price tags to reflect this and so closely, more community feeling neighborhoods such as Cabbagetown and the High Park areas are becoming more popular. Here a 1-bedroom will cost around $900, with 2 bedrooms commonly costing $1500.

Bloor West Village is also another great place to consider, with more green spaces to imagine, you would easily forget you are in Toronto if it wasn't for all the cafes and restaurants.

Downtown Toronto Apartments to Rent

Toronto's downtown apartments have changed the city's skyline with more and more luxurious and fantastically located buildings shooting up over the last 10 years. However, because of this, most of the buildings are condo blocks and their newer build date means that they are no longer bound by the rent control agreements that had kept prices low.

With over 21 neighborhoods in the 'downtown' region, this is definitely the 'happening' place of Toronto with shopping, restaurants, sports and culture a plenty. It is home to one of the top food markets in the world in St Lawrence and its stunning waterfront region is beautiful both and day and by night. Prices do reflect this however and rent for apartments in downtown Toronto isn't cheap. Studios are currently renting up to $1600 and even a 1-bedroom apartment here can sell at $1900.

Scarborough Apartments to Rent

Just East of Toronto's downtown is the bustling district of Scarborough – with prices being so high in Toronto proper, apartments in Scarborough are becoming increasingly hot property. Stretching from the banks of Lake Ontario, it is a diverse area of the city with some of the best views in the region. You have the Scarborough bluffs, the Rouge River that has been attracting traders and tourists for centuries and of course Rouge Park - a 47 acre park that can offer a gorgeous refuge from the hectic downtown life!

There is a great mix of old and new buildings in Scarborough and thus is popular with rentals of all income brackets and budgets. A more modern 2-bedroom apartment will cost around the $1500 mark with 1-bedrooms slightly lower at $1000. There are bargains to be had though, so keep your eyes out!

Etobicoke Apartments

Etobicoke is again a very cultural neighborhood of Toronto, and indeed has several cultural 'loops' that can be explored, each shining a spotlight on the different aspects of this vibrant district. Areas inside Etobicoke such as New Toronto and Mimico border Lake Ontario and as such have a lot of natural beauty to be taken in! The more north you get away from the Lake, you will find some wonderful old houses – some broken down into separate apartments to rent and some maintained as grand old homes.

Like Scarborough, there are a lot of choices when you are looking to rent an apartment in Etobicoke, and the older nature of the area means that there a lot of rent controlled apartments which can provide relief in the sky rocking rental market in Toronto.

Public Transport Toronto

Driving in Toronto can be very problematic, with high parking fees and congested freeways coming into the city – many people are now looking into carsharing or better yet using Toronto's famed public transport system. The Toronto Transit Commission covers all of downtown Toronto and the suburbs and consists of lots of subways, buses and the street cars that have become synonymous with the city. Tickets cover all forms of transport and range in price from $3.25 for a single ticket or you can pay more upfront and save in the long run with a $140 Metropass that runs for a month.

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