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Been called the world’s “coolest little capital”, Wellington stands out among all the Australisian cities with an outdoor lifestyle and internationality. Surprisingly, it has even more cafés, bars and restaurants per capita than New York, which makes it so attractive for young people. Wellington is known for its lively nightlife and word-class culinary scene. Wellington has also become the hub of New Zealand’s craft beer revolution, with experimental bars popping up all over the city. Another wonderful thing about Wellington is that it sprawls out over several bays, beaches curving around the coast, which means you’re never too far from the sea. Many of the bays and beaches are part of their own neighborhoods, like Scorching bay in Miramar, Lyall Bay on the other side where the surfers head, Island bay further on, Oriental Bay right in town with a proper beach. Those who are looking for an apartment in Wellington are basically attracted by those points.

Live in Wellington

Wellington has a pretty young and fun population which means that there’s a great bar and going-out scene in town and tons of classy, thematic or nice places around town to meet up with friends after work. What makes Wellington so special is also the friendly and awesome people you meet. People here are well-educated, cultured and outdoorsy and really care about the city. No matter where you go, you’ll be always greeted with a friendly smile and chat, which is definitely heart-warming.

Neighborhoods in Wellington

Te Aro is pretty much the CBD in Wellington, where a few tourists hanging around. The great part of living here is that you would be super close to the center, while the bad part is that you might not get used to the crowd there. In this area you’ll be able to find some really nice apartments. Another neighborhood which is close to the town is Aro Valley. It is compact with cute little wooden houses. There is a real community feel in this area with a nice selection of coffee and shops. And this also a big student area as it is very close to Victoria University and it’s filled with student apartments. Newtown is a neighborhood just like its name, cool, fun and creative, It’s really a biking-friendly area, with a lot of cool bars, restaurants, as well as shops.

Cost for Rental Apartments in Wellington

Living in Wellington is not very cheap. For example, a decent apartment in any of the Wellington central suburbs is probably going to cost you in the region of $350 - $500 per week. But if you decide to move a bit further from the town, to the neighborhoods like Petone, Kandalah, Johnsonville, you can expect to pay a bit less. The most expensive areas in Wellington are likely to be those close to the CBD and to the bay. So Mount Vic, Oriental Bay and Roseneath, Karori has also become expensive. But just like anywhere, costs of renting can vary depending on location, size and the condition of the property. Finding a relatively cheaper apartment in Wellington is generally not that difficult.

Student Accommodation in Wellington

For students who choose to live in Wellington, they have a number of options for accommodation while studying, including homestay, halls of residence, and private accommodation like rooms in shared apartments or studio apartment. These options range from $180 to $290 per week. Homestay normally includes a furnished room and two or three meals everyday and the fee range from $250-$290 per week. If you are looking for an apartment it might cost you more. Generally, the cost of living for students in Wellington is not that expensive. From mountain-biking, walks or hikes, museums to galleries, there are plenty of low-cost or free activities around the city. Students can actually have fun with a cost under $20.