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Apartments for Rent in Winnipeg

Winnipeg, Canada is a multicultural city with employment opportunities in a range of industries, making it a popular choice among expats moving to North America. Education, trade, manufacturing, and health and social care are especially thriving industries in this Canadian city. It’s also a popular place for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. Winnipeg is home to the University of Manitoba, making it a popular destination for international students as well as expats looking to work abroad.

Winnipeg is a reasonably affordable city to live in, coming in lower than larger cities like Vancouver and Toronto. The rent prices in the centre of the city are not much more expensive than those on the outskirts, so you can find affordable Winnipeg apartments whether you prefer the city life or the quieter suburbs. If you’re moving to the city by yourself or as a couple, then you’ll find suitable one-bedroom apartments for rent in Winnipeg for around €650 on average, equating to $968 in Canadian dollars. For families relocating to Winnipeg, the average rent prices of a three-bedroom apartment are less than €1,000 per month.

There are lots of great areas and neighbourhoods with apartments for rent in Winnipeg. Wolseley is a good choice if you’re looking for a home close to the downtown of the city. Crescentwood is equally close to the city centre, but offers more of a suburban feel for expat families and those with more of a budget. Other nice areas are Tuxedo and St. Vital.

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Furnished Apartments in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is home to lots of modern, furnished apartments. Many expats choose to rent furnished apartments in Winnipeg because it eliminates the stress of furnishing their own apartment or else shipping their old furniture over from another country. Although the rent will be a little higher for a furnished apartment, you save money and hassle at the same time by having that furniture provided.

Furnished apartments in Winnipeg are especially the best solution for expats moving there temporarily. Buying new furniture may be a good investment if you plan on living in a new city for a few years or more, but if you’re only relocating for six months, for example, then the convenience of renting a furnished apartment is much more appealing. Fully furnished serviced apartments can also be a good choice for short-term stays. These give you even greater convenience because many services and amenities are available on-site.

If you’re looking for furnished apartments in Winnipeg, short-term and long-term lettings are available here on Nestpick.

Rooms for Rent in Winnipeg

If you want to save money on rent or can’t afford to rent an entire apartment for yourself, then you can find a single or double room for rent in Winnipeg for around $400-$600 CAD. You’ll find small and large rooms in Winnipeg within larger apartments, usually shared between two to six people. Students renting in Winnipeg commonly live this way, but it is becoming even more popular among young expats and even local residents looking for an affordable way to live in the early stages of their career.

Shared accommodation is perfect for expats who don’t know the city at all because they can meet people who are from Winnipeg or have lived there for a while. This is a great way to get to know the city and make friends there easily. You can find a room for rent in Winnipeg by seeing what’s available here on Nestpick.

Student Housing in Winnipeg

The University of Manitoba is the largest university in the province of Manitoba, of which Winnipeg is the capital. It is home to almost 30,000 attending students each year. There are also a couple of smaller universities and independent colleges in Winnipeg, making the student population even larger. Student housing in Winnipeg is, therefore, scattered around the city to accommodate all of these students.

When students move off campus, they typically live in shared housing. Students will either arrange shared accommodation with friends they made in first year or will rent a room independently within shared student housing. There is a lot of student housing in Winnipeg located around Fort Garry and the city’s downtown area. This is where the main campuses of the University of Manitoba are found. The nightlife and cost of living in Winnipeg are both good, making it a great place for students to live.