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Furnished Apartments & Rooms for Rent in Adelaide

The cosmopolitan epicentre of southern Australia is staking a claim alongside the other two powerhouses of Sydney and Melbourne, and more and more people are starting to take note.

A city with a rich wine-growing heritage and award winning beaches, bursting with culture, events and entertainment. Adelaide apartments can be affordable accommodation options for those looking for property away from the beach but expensive for property oceanside. The amazing thing about Adelaide is the amount of city beaches on offer here, thus a large proportion of properties are walking distance to a world-class white sand beach. Apartments for rent in Adelaide near the beach can be expensive, even for Australian standards, as the weather is incredible most of the year round and the local food and wine scene is some of the best in the country!

Flats for rent in Adelaide offer single or double rooms that are available to sublet from people this is a cheaper and easier way to move to the city to find your feet, this way you will spend less on rent and also meet and live with other people in the city.

Serviced & Furnished Apartments in Adelaide

Furnished apartments in Adelaide remove the hassle of sourcing furniture and homeware, thus they are advisable for people on a tight schedule or looking for temporary accommodation. If this sounds like something that would interest you, be prepared to pay more for furnished apartments for rent in Adelaide as these facilities come at an extra cost to your property and be aware the owner will expect you to take care of the furniture and leave it as you found it. They are usually very central and located in the heart of the city, but can also be found in neighbourhoods on the outskirts at a slightly lower price.

A viable option for those with more of a disposable income are serviced apartments in Adelaide, 24 hour reception and underground parking is common with many of these types of buildings, so for people who value their security this could be the best option. This style of apartment cater for people with more money to spend per month, thus you can expect to find serviced apartments in Adelaide city centre, close to the beach and in fashionable areas such as Salisbury.

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Adelaide Apartments by District

Depending on what tickles your fancy, adelaide can either be very expensive or very reasonable. It is a city that has been overlooked in favour of sydney or Melbourne but is definitely on the rise in terms of popularity. People are heading south for the weather and the beaches, along with the wine! The different districts of Adelaide all provide something unique. Salisbury in the north is traditionally where the rich will live, with high rents, leafy streets and manor type properties in abundance here. Glenelg is a district that serves as a beach-town within the city.

You will find cool cafes, chic wine bars, beautiful white sand beaches and newer built apartments here with plenty of natural light and spacious living areas. The more expensive apartments will be modern, sleek and located in close proximity to the beach. Campbelltown is a favourite of families looking for a suburban property in a quiet settings. It is safe and offers a good selection of local schools, with decent transport links into the city for those commuting.

More Attractive Areas for Adelaide Apartments


One of south Australia's premier attractions that has been pulling visitors in since the late 1800’s. Glenelg feels altogether like a seperate place to Adelaide, it’s beaches and highstreet are independent to the city yet its a suburb of Adelaide itself. Glenelg apartments are popular with young professionals, creatives and arty types due to the world class beaches on their doorstep thrown in with a local business comes first vibe.

Glenelg accommodation apartments you also attain the beachy lifestyle, cool cafes are numerous around the high street and the general atmosphere is definitely that of an Australian beach town. The ideal mix of urban community mixed with seaside charm, Glenelg apartments for rent are definitely growing in popularity so be quick if you see a good deal in this area.


An area situated in the northern district of Adelaide, Salisbury apartments are a viable alternative to renting in the centre of the small Australian city. Salisbury does have its charm, it is best known as being a quiet suburban area loved by young and old families looking for a quiet life within the city. North Adelaide is characterized by one thing predominantly, and that is money. Originally built to house the elite of the city, the streets are wide and leafy and property types here consist of manor house type buildings and period style boulevards.

Apartments in salisbury are some of the most expensive, as it as built to house the rich and famous of southern Australia and still does to this day. Be prepared to pay more each month to have a postcode as fashionable as Salisbury’s. For the lofty prices though, you will find plenty of space both inside and out thus many see the cost as worth it. The transport in the area is modern and reliable with a train service operating every fifteen minutes from Salisbury station into Adelaide centre.


Located about 9km from Adelaide city centre, Campbelltown is one of the areas on this list that is the furthest away from the city. Apartments for rent in campbelltown are a cheaper alternative to living inside the city centre as the prices fall the further out you go. The area is preferred by families looking for a quiet suburb to raise a family and Campbelltown fits the bill perfectly.

Campbelltown apartments come in all shapes and size, the most popular being entire stand alone period built houses on quiet suburban streets. Young professionals may find the area a little slow paced thus it is preferred by families with young kids in general. The local schools are highly regarded and the transport links in to the city for those commuting are also great, so it makes sense as a base for the all the family.

Room for Rent in Adelaide

A cheaper alternative to renting an entire flat or apartment, renting a single or double room in Adelaide can be a great option for those with a lower income. This choice allows you the freedom of less rent, and thus more money to enjoy yourself in the city.

To rent a room in Adelaide opens up the possibility of flatmates also working and living in the city, thus the potential of a new group of friends or contacts to have. In places such as Salisbury, single or double rooms are available for a fraction of the cost of an entire apartment and this is a great way to live in these areas without forking out too much cash per month.

Another reason to look into this option is the fact that rooms for rent in Adelaide are far more numerous than entire apartments or houses, especially in areas such as Glenelg and Campbelltown so there is much more chance of finding one. To rent a room in Adelaide also means shared utilities and bills like gas electric and wifi between the entire property, so again, a great money saver.

Student Accommodation in Adelaide

Prospective students at the University of Adelaide will be pleased to hear of an extensive network of student accommodation in Adelaide. Student apartments adelaide are comprised mainly in the Mattayna University residences. In the heart of north Adelaide, the university owns a complex of apartments, houses and flats for students to live in and study. These are a fifteen minute walk to the North Terrace campus and also in a great suburban area of the city. Student housing in Adelaide can also be found on the University of Adelaide village. These are newer tower blocks specifically designed for students studying nearby. A free shuttle is on offer to transport students t the north terrace campus.

For those looking for a more independent way of life whilst at University, there are plenty of private landlords renting out to students throughout the city. Going private will ensure an independence from University campus and is also a great way to meet and socialise with other like-minded students. Bills and utilities are split between the house, and the rent is normally based on the size of the room.

Public Transportation in Adelaide

Adelaide is one of the laziest cities in Australia. According to a recent study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the city holds the least amount of people that walk to work every day (2.9%) thus based on this information we can safely assume the public transport of Adelaide is going to be well used! The whole area of metropolitan Adelaide is serviced by many different companies Public transportation in adelaide.It is geographically located in an area that is suitable to serve as a transit hub on the north-south route of Australia’s mainland. The cities public transport system is managed by Adelaide Metro. The company runs five underground metro lines across the city, designed to reach and connect all major districts and areas of the city. The Glenelg-Adelaide-Hindmarsh Tram serves as an inner city hop on hop off system that the metro fails to cover. Alon with the tram, an extensive bus system with many different routes is also in plae.