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Rent Apartments, Rooms & Sublease in Austin

Straddling the banks of the Colorado River in the lush land of the Hill Country, the state capital of Texas is something of an El Dorado for many young Americans. Forward-thinking, liberally-minded and LGBT-friendly, inclusive Austin is a progressive oasis inside one of the the country’s most conservative states. Ask many, and they’ll say it’s arguably the coolest and most liveable city in the US. Home to a vibrant arts scene and over 250 music venues, Austin is famous for its eclectic live music scene that encompasses the best in blues, country and rock. When mid-March rolls around there’s also the small matter of the SXSW film and music festival, which is one the world’s most celebrated arts gatherings. Hey, the place where Willie Nelson, Roky Erickson and Gary Clark Jr first cut their teeth isn’t called the Live Music Capital of the World for nothing!

Throw in an irresistible mix of inspiring cuisine, stunning natural beauty and the best in Southern hospitality, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a grade-A Texan party. No wonder that students, young professionals, families and others are migrating here in their droves. The median rental price for apartments in Austin, Texas is $1,047, which is not much higher than the national average. Austin apartments are available in a range of styles, sizes and locations - catering to a broad spectrum of lifestyles and budgets.

Furnished & Corporate apartments in Austin, TX

As a thriving commercial hub, Austin is home to a wide array of job opportunities. In fact, the large number of high-tech companies clustered around the western suburbs have invested so much capital into the city’s economy that Austin has acquired the nickname ‘Silicon Hills’. For working expats and professionals who are in town for a short business trip, corporate apartments in Austin provide all the flexibility you need. Corporate furnished rentals in Austin, Texas typically come equipped with hotel-like amenities such as room service, maid service and WiFi - providing a comfortable, hassle-free stay in the city.

Types of Accommodation in Austin, Texas

Furnished Rentals in Austin, TX

Austin Apartments by District

Like any major city, Austin is divided into a number of unique neighborhoods and districts that have their own distinct flavor. From Crestview to Circle C Ranch - and everywhere in between - the’ City of the Violet Crown’ is packed with pleasant surprises.

Although the city offers a broad range of housing options, apartment hunting can often be quite daunting if you’re unfamiliar with Austin’s neighborhoods and house prices. Not sure where to start? Well we’ve handily created a brief list of the city's best areas for expats and new arrivals.

Once you’ve become more acquainted with ATX, Nestpick’s easily navigable search option will allow you to filter your search to look for furnished accommodation in areas that suit your lifestyle down to a tee.

Attractive Areas for Apartments in Austin

Downtown Austin Apartments

Located to the north of the Colorado River and home to the iconic Texas State Capitol building, Downtown is the financial, commercial and civic heart of Austin. By day, the area is a hive of activity, with businesspeople, young professionals and tourists criss-crossing its streets, plazas and office blocks. By night, the energy of the city shifts and assumes a cool ambiance as Austinites fill its many laid-back bars, restaurants, music venues and nightclubs.

Downtown Austin has all the amenities you could possibly need. From specialty stores for groceries to vintage boutiques for clothing, a spot of retail therapy is always available just around the corner. The city’s beguiling music, nightlife and dining scenes are always beckoning, too. The Warehouse District, West 6th, 6th Street and Rainey Street are particularly popular hotspots for revellers, visitors and local residents alike. With such a wide array of things to do, downtown Austin might just be the coolest metropolitan city centre you’ve ever visited.

Despite being a built-up area, Downtown has the outdoors life right on its doorstep - which is great news for nature lovers. Zilker Park, Barton Springs and Lady Bird Lake are all minutes away, replete with tons of places to jog, swim or take your canine companion for a brisk walk.

Downtown Austin apartments for rent are among the most expensive in the city. Real estate in the area predominantly consists of high-rise condominiums, which range in price from mid range to luxury. For someone who wants to be close to all the action but in an easy-going, inviting environment, Downtown Austin is the place to be.

If you’re after only the best when it comes to Downtown Austin rentals, it’s hard to beat the choice offered by Nestpick.

South Austin Apartments

Arguably the hippest part of the Texan capital, South Austin is bohemian, bodacious and beautifully unique. Neglected for years, the cheap rents in this formerly blue-collar area acted as a magnet for Stetson-wearing troubadours and musicians in the 1980s - turning the neighborhood into a bonafide musical mecca for those from Texas and beyond. Since then, the area has been revitalised and attracted a diverse range of creative newcomers; from bar-hopping raconteurs to tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

South Austin is undoubtedly the cultural epicenter of ATX, with its many honky-tonks, nightclubs, theaters and regular outdoor showings at Zilker Park. It’s not infrequent to see local music legends such as Dale Watson and his Lone Stars play surprise live shows at venues such as The Continental Club, while the boisterous Broken Spoke is a traditional Texan dancehall in all its two-stepping glory. What’s more, you’ve got the famous ZACH Theatre, Austin City Limits Festival and the summer concert Blues on the Green right on your doorstep.

Feeling peckish after all that jiving? Well South Austin is nothing short of foodie heaven. Meals on wheels are the order of the day, with kitschy food trailers and trucks serving up a host of delicious cuisines in the most chilled out of atmospheres (local favorites include Hey Cupcake!, The Mighty Cone and Coat & Thai). For bars and restaurants, you’ll be even more spoilt for choice, and your palette will be forever exploring new culinary boundaries.

The high desirability of the neighborhood has caused prices for South Austin apartments to rise substantially in recent years. Don’t be disheartened, however, as the area still has a number of affordable accommodation options ranging from stylish studio apartments to modern condominiums. When you search with Nestpick, you’ll have the internet’s best selection of apartments for rent in South Austin right at your fingertips.

East Austin Apartments

Historically a working-class neighborhood, East Austin’s artistic attitude and proximity to Downtown have made it one of the most sought-after areas in the city. Situated just to the east of Interstate 35, this neighborhood has morphed into a fashionable arts district replete with a host of restaurants, bars, studios, galleries and vintage boutiques appearing everywhere. Throw in hip dive bars, bodegas adorned with graffiti-style murals and bustling live music venues and you’ve got a neighborhood with a gritty, nonconformist character.

You’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to apartments in East Austin, Texas. While there are plenty of modern condominiums, remodelled homes and completely rebuilt homes, there are also many much older, smaller houses still owned by the original owners. East Austin apartments for rent cost between $1,000 and $1,300, although prices can vary depending on location.

Despite increasing gentrification, the area has lost none of its former charm, and traditional taquerias, barbecue joints, supply stores and churches continue to prove immensely popular with local residents. With a large Latino population, it’s also home to some of the finest Mexican and TexMex cuisine in the city. Juan in a Million, Joe’s Bakery & Mexican Food, and Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant are local favorites among East Austinites.

Although the area isn’t as known for its outdoors activities as other parts of the city, there are plenty of places to exercise or unwind. To the south of the district you have the Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River and Lady Bird Lake, both of which offer a serene backdrop to urban living.

North Austin Apartments

Comparing North Austin to the south of the city is like comparing chalk and cheese. The further north you head in Austin, the more you are likely to come across leafy parks, suburban charm and high-end housing.

It’s not all peace and quiet though. With an ever-growing population, North Austin has seen a great deal of expansion over the last two decades - causing an explosion of shopping opportunities, restaurants and other conveniences to spring up all over the area. One such area of growth is the arrival of a number of tech-related companies since the 1990s, which has caused droves of professionals in these industries to relocate to the north side of Silicon Hills.

What’s more, North Austin has a super vibrant dining scene that certainly challenges the competition south of the river. Grab a classic diner breakfast at The Frisco or swing by Peached Tortilla for some Yamazaki 18. Still not satisfied? Why not try some dirty TexMex at Enchiladas y Mas or try out some crawfish and fried clams from Quality Seafood Market.

Apartments for rent in North Austin range from predominantly modern complexes in the north of the district to more established homes from the 1960s towards the Downtown area. The area that comprises North Austin is huge, meaning you’ll have a wide range of accommodation options to choose from.

Popular neighborhoods for rented apartments in North Austin, Texas include Allandale, North Loop and Wooten. Around $1,100 per month should be enough to secure a great 1-bedroom apartment in these areas, although it should be noted that rental prices can vary substantially depending on location as well as an apartment’s size, style and access to amenities.

Apartments in West Austin

Apartments in West Austin have some of the sought after zip codes in the city. Close enough to downtown and the entertainment districts to be able to enjoy the city but far enough away to find that bit of peace and quiet when you need it. Without a doubt an established and high end neighborhood, there are wonderful views of the hills, great schools and some of the best lakes in the area!

South Congress Apartments

Known by the hip kids as SoCo, South Congress is a trendy neighborhood that’s filled with a ton of things to see, places to shop, and bars and restaurants to wine and dine. Along with a host of organic markets, thrift stores, independent record shops and taco stalls, SoCo typifies a cool, laid-back lifestyle. From snakeskin boots to exotic fruits, the alternative Austin spirit is certainly in the air here.

South Congress is located just south of Lady Bird Lake, and the area’s vibrant attitude makes it a must-stroll for visitors and a prime hangout for locals. Open late, brimming with a kaleidoscope of bright colors, musical sounds and aromatic smells, this eclectic neighborhood is one of the most popular for young people in the city. Despite feeling far out, it’s only 2 miles away from Downtown - meaning you’ll be within reach of most of the city.

South Congress apartments in Austin, Texas, are available in a wide array of sizes, styles, prices and locations. Whatever your tastes or financial situation, SoCo will likely have accommodation that is right up your street. Also property prices can vary substantially, the average monthly rental cost for apartments in the South Congress area of Austin is somewhere between $1,250 and $1,300.

Hyde Park Apartments Austin

Although Hyde Park is characterized by its small-town charm and relative quietness, it’s also an area that embodies the “Keep Austin Weird” slogan that promotes small businesses and opposes corporate monopolization. The tranquil and artsy neighborhood is filled with a number of fantastic local establishments; from cute bakeries to ice cream parlours to independent coffee shops.

This laid-back area is also home to a close-knit community that’s in touch with its past but also very welcoming of newcomers. Shaded by lines of oak trees, the gorgeous historic houses and well-tended lawns of Hyde Park make the neighborhood one of the most homely and picturesque in all of Austin. Sit back, relax, and lick up that delicious vegan ice cream.

Situated just north of the main University of Texas campus and bordering Interstate 35, Hyde Park is well located. The area offers speedy access to Downtown via the MetroBus public bus service, with the journey taking around 20 minutes. With access to great schools, local amenities and a number of parks, the area is also popular with families and young professionals.

Accommodation in the neighborhood predominantly consists of renovated old-fashioned homes, although more modern apartment options can also be found in places. Although the area has a reputation for being pricey, it’s possible to find great accommodation for as little as $950 per month. And with Nestpick, you’ll be able to browse the best Hyde Park apartments in Austin, Texas right from the comfort of your laptop.

Studio, 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments in Austin

Studio's in Austin

Austin is one of the most moved to cities in the USA and while the city may still have a very Texan 'twang' to daily life, there are a great number of young, single, liberal creatives moving to the city to find this sense of community. As a result, the studio rental market it very strong with lots of options and with rents averaging at $750 – there are plenty of bargains to be found.

1-Bedroom Apartments Austin

Where the studio market is strong, as too is the rental market for one-bedroom apartments. Found in a whole variety of places from brand new condo blocks, older apartment buildings or even in converted houses, there is a one-bedroom apartment somewhere in Austin that will match your personality exactly. Prices are cheap comparatively too, especially as it is one of America's most moved to cities – meaning you can set up in Austin fairly easily!

2-Bedroom Apartments Austin

There are a lot of two-bedroom apartments for rent as well, and while prices starting at $1300 may be high for Texas, when you compare prices in Austin with prices in other major cities around the world, you get a lot of property for your dollar in Austin. Two-bedroom apartments are often in newer buildings as well that often come with some great amenities! Pools are perfect during the Texan heatwaves!

3-Bedroom Apartments Austin

If you are moving to Austin with a family and want to be nearer the centre of town, it might be worth looking at other options such as a townhouse or a family home as the prices can be very reasonable. Three-bedroom apartments in good buildings are few and far between and pricewise they can be expensive – however when they are built, they are built right and are some of the best apartments in the city.

Austin Public Transportation

Austin’s public transportation system, Capital Metro, is typical of a large American city. Efficient, easy-to-use and cost effective, you’ll be able to most destinations in the Greater Austin metropolitan area in a relatively straightforward manner - including Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Transit options include bus routes, University of Texas shuttles and commuter rail.

MetroBus routes 100 and 350 access the airport. 100 services Downtown every 30 minutes between the hours of 6am and 11pm. The majority of routes similarly run every half hour or less and cost $1.25 for a single ride. A day pass for all local routes costs $2.50, while a weeklong pass costs $11.25.

MetroExpress is a bus route that links outlying neighborhoods to Downtown. Comprising of fewer stops than regular bus routes, fares may cost slightly more. MetroRapid is another bus service that operates along the busiest routes in the city on quick, clean and state-of-the-art vehicles.

The UT Shuttle system is one of the largest university shuttle systems in the world, with 10 routes and over 5.2 million passengers annually. This provides a cheap and easy way for students, staff, faculty and visitors to get to campus. UT students, staff and faculty can ride the shuttle for no charge with a valid UT photo ID.

The city’s commuter rail line, Capital MetroRail, runs from the northern suburb of Leander to Downtown Austin, serves 9 stations and operates on 32 miles (51km) of existing freight tracks. MetroRail has been criticized for its limited area of service between Downtown and the northwest corridor, which partly accounts for its relatively low ridership. However, Capital Metro intends to expand the rail system by adding a line east of town to serve the airport.

For timetables and further information, visit