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Available Apartments:

1 bedroom apartments :1919
2 bedroom apartments :1925
3 bedroom apartments :1199
Studio :354


Apartments in Gracia: 427
Apartments in Eixample: 1562
Apartments in Les Corts: 105

Barcelona Apartments for Rent

Furnished Apartments, & Rooms for Rent in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the world's most popular destinations, the capital of Catalonia and is located in the north-east of Spain. Aside from tourists, Barcelona is also home to many expats and students. In addition to rooms for rent, Barcelona also has many selections of furnished, serviced apartments. In Barcelona, furnished and serviced apartments and rooms for rent are always in high demand, however Nestpick offers a huge selection for you. If you're moving to Barcelona, you'll quickly find out that this city will blow your mind.

Furnished Apartments for Rent in Barcelona

Barcelona Apartments by Neighborhood

Barcelona - the city's name alone conjures up a variety of images - from its famous art and architecture, including Gaudi's celebrated Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell, to the sun-kissed beaches of Barceloneta. There's no better city in which to enjoy a drink from a roof-top terrace and soak up the evening sun. The wonderful climate, vibrant street life and rich culture make the capital of Catalonia a unique and special location.

Barcelona is divided into 10 districts and 73 neighborhoods. The city extends from the Mediterranean coast to the east to Tibidabo mountains to the west. The excellent public transport systems, subway, bus and tram, are the best options for getting about the city. Spanish is the main language in Barcelona, but many locals prefer speaking in the Catalan dialect.

Barcelona is undoubtedly an economic engine of the country, with excellent business schools such as ESADE, classified by the Financial Times as one of the top 5 business schools in Europe. Museums, monuments, art from all periods and an impressive variety of events such as concerts, film festivals, technological and food fairs make Barcelona a city full of surprises and unique in style.

Moving to Barcelona is exciting, and can be done on a budget or more luxuriously depending on your preference. It's no surprise that Barcelona apartments are some of the most expensive in Spain after Madrid and finding Barcelona apartments for rent can be tricky. Whether you are looking for student accommodation in Barcelona or furnished apartments for rent, you will find your perfect home with Nestpick.

Eixample Apartments for Rent

Meaning 'extension' or 'enlargement' in Spanish, the Eixample district has a grid-like layout designed by the architect, Ildefons Cerda in the late 19th century. The area is home to Antoni Gaudi's splendid Sagrada Familia and to ‘Passeig de Gracia’, which is known to be one of the noted shopping areas in Europe. Properties are normally modern and spacious. Apartments in Eixample are ideal for expats or professionals who are prepared to pay a little more for Barcelona apartments for rent long term. Apartments can be found at monthly prices in the range of €1000 - €1500.

Les Corts Apartments

There are two dominant forces in Les Corts: football and business. FC Barcelona calls Gracia home and the area is an important business district. For students, it’s only a 15 minute metro ride to the city centre.

For the fashion conscious, there are numerous upmarket retailers. As a safe and residential part of town, it’s not as bustling in the evenings as other areas in the city; so if you’re looking for peace and quiet, apartments in Les Corts may be a perfect fit for you.

Gracia Apartments, Barcelona

Gracia is only 1 kilometer north of central Barcelona and is a tranquil, Catalan area. If you're looking for apatments to rent in Gracia Barcelona, there you'll find an area with a nice feel: old winding streets open up into plazas dotted with bars and restaurants.

Local highlights include the annual festival taking place over 5 days every August, with a street decoration competition. Those with an artistic inclination should take a look at Gaudi’s Parc Guell, the master’s first major work and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Ciutat Vella Apartments for Rent

Catalan for ‘Old Town’, Ciutat Vella is where the enchanting character of Barcelona is most strikingly evident. With its intimate, labyrinthine alleyways, bustling plazas and lavish medieval architecture, Ciutat Vella is the ideal location for students and young professionals looking to set up in the crown jewel of Catalunya.

Nestled around the harbour in the centre of the city, Ciutat Vella is the historic and cultural heart of Barcelona. Home to the celebrated Gothic Quarter as well as the world-renowned pedestrian promenade of La Rambla, Ciutat Vella has culture and local amenities in abundance. Cafeterias, bars, boutiques, markets and museums adorn its streets, whilst the chattering of Catalan and the sound of music are never far from earshot.

The multicultural neighbourhoods of Ciutat Vella are an eclectic mix of residential and commercial, and are typically very busy and brimming with tourists. Rent prices here are some of the cheapest in the city, and competition for Ciutat Vella apartments is high. Given the age of the buildings in the area, Ciutat Vella apartments in the Gothic Quarter are usually smaller and more traditional than other areas of Barcelona. If you’re looking for a bit more living space but want to stay close to the action, we recommend Ciutat Vella apartments in the Ramblas area.

Commuting from here is easy, especially as the area is a bus and metro hub. Due to the flat streets, cycling is also possible. Driving is not recommended, as most streets are single-lane and parking spaces are extremely limited.

Sant Marti Apartments for Rent

Sant Andreu Apartments for Rent

Nou Barris Apartments for Rent

Sarria-Sant Gervasi Apartments for Rent

Sants Montjuic Apartments for Rent

Rooms in Barcelona

Rent a Room in Barcelona

Rooms & Flatshares for Rent in Barcelona

Barcelona is an expensive city, it is a tourist hotspot and locals and expats alike are feeling the squeeze. If you are someone looking to move to Barcelona but can’t afford to rent an entire apartment or house on your own, then maybe you should consider renting a room in Barcelona. Rooms in barcelona are a great and cheap way of living in the city without paying too much for rent. The rent is split between however many people are living in the property, so more housemates equates to less rent!

Flatshares in Barcelona allow the roommates to divide the bills and utilities between each other, so things like water, wifi and electricity will be split, another great money saver! Flatsharing is also a great way to meet a whole new group of people, this is especially useful in a new city.

Furnished Apartments in Barcelona by District

Centred around Ciutat Vella but also encompassing parts of Eixample, Sant Martí and El Poblenou, the city center is usually the first stop for new arrivals to Barcelona. And it’s little wonder why. From museums to parks, shopping to nightlife - this area has it all. The large public marketplace of La Boqueria is one of the best in the world for diversity of goods, while all your favourite high-street chains dot the walkways. The University of Barcelona is just around the corner, and the luscious greenery of the Parc de la Ciutadella offers a fresh escape from the urban hustle. Rent prices can vary substantially in Barcelona city center, so make sure you consider all the relevant criteria when booking your Barcelona apartment.

Sagrada Familia Apartments

Antoni Gaudi’s gargantuan masterpiece La Sagrada Familia won’t be completed until 2026, but its sheer scale and otherworldly design still take the breath away. A true icon of Catalunya, the sublime cathedral watches gracefully over the surrounding modernist district of Eixample and draws in a staggering 3 million visitors each year. Rent prices in the Sagrada area are on average slightly higher than those of the Old Town. However, unlike the compact flats of Ciutat Vella, Sagrada apartments in Barcelona tend to be more modern and therefore more generously sized, whilst the side streets in the area are relatively serene and spacious. When searching for your ideal Sagrada apartment with Nestpick, be sure to check if it has a view of the mesmerising cathedral. You won’t be disappointed.

Barcelona Apartment Rentals Near the Beach

Located only 10 minutes from the city center, La Vila Olímpica and El Poblenou are the two most popular beach areas of Barcelona and among the trendiest parts of the city. With a picturesque Mediterranean coastline and some of the best dining and nightlife experiences that the city has to offer, Barcelona apartments near the beach are in high demand. As such, expect to pay a little more for rent than you would in Ciutat Vella. Contrasted with the Old Town, apartments here are modern, spacious and stylish: perfect for those who prefer a more relaxing pace of life. For a cheaper option near the beach, the old fishing area of La Barceloneta may be worth a look, although the beach here is often jampacked with tourists.

Barcelonata used to be a fishing village, but has now been succumbed to the growth of Barcelona proper, and is considered a fantastic area for expats who enjoy being close to Port Vell and the beach. This part of Barcelona also attracts museum lovers, as the Museu d’Historia de Catalunya is situated in the west. Opium, the famous nightclub, is located in the north.

Traditional fishermen's housing tends to be smaller but cheaper than the larger apartments for rent in Barcelona near the main streets ‘Paseo Colon’ or ‘Calle Juan de Borbon’. Although as this location is very close to the beach and Ciutat Vella, larger Barcelona flats for rent in this area tend to be more expensive than in other quarters.

Apartments in Vila Olimpica

Built for the 1992 Olympic Games, the Vila Olimpica de Poblenou is part of the Sant-Marti district, which used to be the pride of Barcelona. Whilst other areas are now more popular, the neighbourhood still has a distinct charm and vibrant nightlife. Within the Vila Olimpica, the ‘Puerto Olympico de Barcelona’ is considered the most beautiful and desirable area.

1 & 2 Room Apartments for Rent in Barcelona

The average monthly price for 1 bedroom apartments in Barcelona ranges from around €1000 in expensive areas to around €500 in normal areas. Cheap 1 bedroom apartments can be found in the city center, and other affordable options can generally be found in the suburban districts of Horta-Guinardó and Gràcia as well as the neighbourhoods around the majestic Camp Nou. Apartment size and available amenities vary from area to area, so make sure to check that any apartment matches your criteria.

Renting 2 Room Apartments in Barcelona

For a 2 bedroom apartment in Barcelona, you’re realistically looking at a monthly rent of between €900 and €2000 (depending on the area). Availability in the city center is high and some lovely apartments can be found here for fantastic prices. If you want somewhere away from the hustle and bustle, the areas of Sagrada Familia, Gràcia and Sant Marti are great options for 2 bedroom apartments - offering a good balance of space, local amenities and cost.

  • Apartment (1br)
  • Room
  • Studio

Barcelona Apartments with Air Conditioning

Basking in a mild Mediterranean climate throughout the year, Barcelona has a tendency to get rather hot and humid during summer, with an average August temperature of 24°C (74°F). To deal with the searing summer heat, we recommend that you look for Barcelona apartments with air conditioning. Although most Barcelona apartments come with air conditioning as standard, it’s important to check. It’s also worth keeping an eye on apartments with heating, as winters in Barcelona can get quite chilly - the average January temperature standing at 10°C (49°F).

Public Transportation in Barcelona

Barcelona public transport includes trams, rail, buses and a subway system as options when getting yourself around the city. Despite Barcelona's 101.9 km area you can move around with ease. The metro, buses and trains are all incorporated into an integrated transport system. One synonymous ticket is valid for all means of transport.

Cost of living in Barcelona

If you're looking to rent a flat in Barcelona long term it's best to get an idea of the cost of living in Barcelona. It can be a little pricey but with some clever budgeting you'll be just fine. Here are some approximate prices of essentials (and non-essentials!):

• One month travel card zones 1 and 2: €51.70
• One month mobile phone contract: €20
• One month gym membership: €50
• Lunch in a business district: €12
• A cappuccino in a city centre cafe: €2.30
• Dinner in a restaurant including wine and dessert: €45
• A pack of cigarettes: €5
• Single cinema ticket: €8
• Cold medication for 6 days: €7

As you can see the cost of living in Barcelona is relatively similar to other European capitals but is significantly cheaper than London and Paris.If you decided to live in Barcelona for short or long term and didn’t like the neigboorhoods above try aparments in Sarria Sant Gervasi or apartments in Sant Andreu for more options.

Types of Barcelona Apartments For Rent

  • 1 bedroom apartments: 1509
  • 2 bedroom apartments: 1547
  • 3 bedroom apartments: 972
  • Rooms: 12624
  • Studio: 349

Popular Districts to rent apartments in Barcelona

  • Apartments in Gracia: 326
  • Apartments in Eixample: 1256
  • Apartments in Les Corts: 78
  • Apartments in Cuitat Vella: 1255
  • Apartments in Sants-Montjuic: 309

Prices for Apartments for rent in Barcelona

Looking for apartments or rooms for rent in Barcelona? Compare prices for lofts, studios or student apartments in Barcelona with Nestpick!

Accommodation TypesBarcelona Rent Prices by Meter Square
1 Bedroom Apartment€28.59
2 Bedroom Apartment€27,89
3 Bedroom Apartment€21,45
Size (0-50 sqm)€29,87
Size (50-100 sqm)€26,25
Size (100-150 sqm)€25,80

About Barcelona

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Barcelona?
The average rental price in Barcelona for apartments are in between 736 € and 4,633 €.
How big is a Barcelona apartment?
Although sizes may vary depending on your selection of bedrooms,Barcelona apartment is start from 30m² and could go up to 130m².
How to find apartments for rent in Barcelona?
Barcelona's population count might make things slightly difficult for new comers to find a place when they first move in. We suggest that you use Nestpick's smart tool to look for your new home, as well as if you are a student reach out to your school's counsiling to find a rental in Barcelona.
Is rent cheap in Barcelona?
The rent in Barcelona might change in between 736 € and 4,633 €. Compare to other big cities in Spain, rent in Barcelona is relatively reasonable.
Who can rent apartments in Barcelona
Anyone is looking for accommodation can rent an apartment in Barcelona as long as they are +18 years old.