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How much is to rent in Hungary?
Rent prices in Hungary could differ from city to city which could start from 47224 Ft and jump to 337316 Ft monthly. Normally an one bedroom apartment in city centre cost 99,163 Ft, and you live outside of centre you will likely pay 132,964 Ft.
What should I know when renting in Hungary?
Short term rentals are generally easier to find and average less than 168658 Ft per month.Long term rentals have the lowest price and can be as low as 50597 per Month, depending on the size of the apartment.
Which additional costs should I expect in Hungary?
Most rentals in Hungary have additional costs for cleaning and maintenance of the building. These additional costs can vary from 6746 Ft to 65400 Ft per month. Other Things that can be included in this fee are parking, other utilities, like elevator, doorman, pool and gym. If you rent a furnished apartment, those costs should be all included in the monthly rent.
What to be noticed when signing a rental contract in Hungary?
Landlords will require tenants to pay a security deposit. This will be used to pay for any damages to the property, or failed payments. And it could be 1-3 months rent. If rent is not paid monthly or the tenant violates their contract, the landlord can terminate the contract.
How to find apartments for rent in Hungary?
Online housing platforms and facebook groups are the most common channels to find apartments in Hungary. And you should decide on criteria and email as many landlords as possible. Nestpick makes your apartment hunting easier and faster, since you can compare listings across platforms and find the best deal.