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Located in Beyoğlu, Taksim Square is the heart of Istanbul with its long streets, historical background and easy access to anywhere in the city. The main street on Taksim Square is called Istiklal Street. On this main street you’ll find many cafes, restaurants, night clubs, pubs, sinemas, and so on. When you rent an apartment in Taksim, expect to eat good food at any time of time, easy commute to everywhere in Istanbul, and experience the nightlife of Istanbul.

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Taksim is one of the most desired places for a long and short term visit. The square is 10 minutes distance to Beşiktaş, and provides easy access in the city. Finding a rental in Taksim can be difficult, but don’t worry. Compare and select your apartment by using our search feature and enjoy your stay in Taksim, Istanbul.

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