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As you can probably imagine there is a wealth of choice and range when it comes to apartments in Las Vegas, from cozy 1 bedroom homes to some of the most opulent residences on the planet – Las Vegas truly is a playground, but also a great city to call home – even if just for a short while. Las Vegas Apartments also come in a variety of packages, both furnished and unfurnished as well as apartment complexes and buildings specializing in shorter term rentals – perfect if you are just thinking of renting for a few months or weeks. There is also a lot to Las Vegas than the strip and you can live as close or indeed as far away as you want!

Furnished Apartments Las Vegas

While on average you will need to pay more for a furnished apartment in Las Vegas, if you are only in town for a few months – it is worth the extra money to be without the hassle of equipping your new home. The majority of furnished apartments in Las Vegas are often to be found in condo buildings and serviced apartments. Not only will you feel at home the moment you step through the door but these buildings often have added amenities such as a concierge or a pool – priceless commodities in this town! These Las Vegas furnished apartments also specialize in shorter to medium stay tenants and so landlords will be very experienced in dealing with any queries you may have, making your stay in Las Vegas that little but easier.

Types of Accommodations in Las Vegas

Month to Month Rentals in Las Vegas, NV

Apartments in Las Vegas by District

While most people think that the Las Vegas valley is solely dominated by the gaming industry – there are districts in town that offer a different pace of life if the hustle and bustle of downtown is not your cup of tea. Boulder City, just a short drive away from the city center is a delightful suburb with fantastic 1930's architecture everywhere you look – all housing modern apartments and restaurants – with no gambling to be seen. North Las Vegas is a city in of itself and whilst in the past there was a slight division between the North and South parts of the city – the ever-expanding Southern Part of Las Vegas is beginning to take over – offering apartments of a lower cost but still very close to the action. Primm is another alternative to consider – a kind of mini Las Vegas with fantastic shopping and some of the best golf courses in the region – a mix of the party and the desert.

Downtown Apartments

While The Strip takes most of the headlines nowadays – renting an apartment in Downtown Las Vegas gives you a taste of where and how it all started. Still a popular tourist destination, downtown Las Vegas apartments benefit from all the amenities of the city with slightly lower prices than can be expected in other districts this close to the center of the action. More modern apartments in condo buildings can cost around $1100 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment, however rents closer to $800-900 can be found in older buildings on the same streets.

The Summerlin

Sometimes the relentless pace of Downtown Las Vegas can prove to be just too much and so the majority of Las Vegans tend to live in newer neighborhoods such as Summerlin. Found on the far west side of the valley – apartments in Summerlin are still close enough to the strip that you can drive there in a matter of moments but far away for there to be a more residential feel. Apartments in Summerlin also benefit from the proximity to the Red Rock National Recreation Area where you can engage in more 'wholesome' pursuits such as hiking, climbing and biking. Summerlin is a part of Vegas that the majority of visitors never get to see, a perfect place to call home.


Henderson once had a reputation for being an industrial city – based around manufacturing rather than a good place to call home but that is all changing. Many apartments in Henderson prefer to be known as being in 'Green Valley' as the city changes its identity. Packed full of trendy bars and restaurants – Henderson apartments still benefit from the gaming aspects of Southern Nevada whilst retaining a family friendly feel. Renting an apartment in Henderson really gives you a chance to experience a small town vibe in a rather big city, where community is still important and historic places such as Water Street are cherished. Although more modern 1-bedroom apartments still rent for around $1000 a month – you do get more space and a residential feel.

Rooms for Rent Las Vegas

Apartments generally are not cheap in Las Vegas, and especially if you are bearing the costs on your own it might be prudent to look at the booming room rental market. As well as significantly reducing your monthly outgoings, renting a room in Las Vegas can often give you access to a wonderful home and building as well as a pre-made social circle!

Public Transport Las Vegas

Las Vegas' main form of public transportation is a bus service known as 'The Deuce'. These bus lines go throughout the city and it has a service that will head to The Strip, stopping off at nearly every establishment. Costs are relatively low being $6 for a 2-hour ticket. Although not very practical for most people in Las Vegas – there is a monorail that services many of the casino's too. However, the vast majority of transport is now through ridesharing apps such as Lyft and Uber - remember you cannot simply hail a taxi from the street as hotels and casinos have designated pick up spots.