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Alcântara (Arabic for “the bridge”) is located on Lisbon’s southwest side. The district borders the Targus River which is one of the more defining characteristics of the area. During ancient times, this area’s natural beauty attracted the area’s aristocrats and noblement, where many of them built their palaces and estates. Nowadays, Alcântara is known to be a trendy neighborhood that benefits from being close to the river and also in close proximity to the city center. It is also known for being home to the bridge 25 de Abril (the April 25th Bridge) which was inspired by it’s sister, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The area is also known for a diverse array of restaurant and dining experiences, as well as museums. Alcântara is a neighborhood that is frequented by expats, as it is quickly becoming an area also known for its tech scene with the arrival of several co-working spaces. Therefore apartments in Alcântara are sought after by professionals moving to the area. As it is currently undergoing a development facelift, and also a more affordable neighborhood, cheap apartments in Alcântara are not hard to come by.

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