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Continental Europe has its very own San Francisco: Lisbon. Nestled on the Atlantic coast and with an enviable climate, this urban oasis attracts travellers from all around the globe. Here, life always seems sweeter and lunches longer than usual.

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Moving To Lisbon and finding an accommodation

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital and a hub for government, commerce, art and academia. The city is built over seven hills, and features architecture that whilst undeniably European, always draws comparisons with San Fransisco due to the dozens of classic trolley cars that climb their steep sides. In fact, its ‘Ponte 25 de Abril’ over the river Tajo was built by the same engineers who built the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Lisbon stands for blue skies, a balmy Atlantic climate and a wonderful cuisine. Expect to enjoy extended lunches, luxurious espresso breaks, and a thriving nightlife. The Baixa, Alfama, Santa Maria Maior and Misericordia are nice districts of this city...

Santa Maria Maior

The district Santa Maria Maior, which consists of the Chiado, Castelo and Mouraia neighbourhoods, is an elegant and upscale district of Lisbon. Here you can find renovated Lisbon apartments for rent long term that are beautifully designed, clean, modern and spacious. Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa, built in 1147, is one the oldest cathedrals in Lisbon. This church survived several earthquakes and is a mixture of Romanesque, Gothic and modern architecture. The district also has several museums, theatres and upscale restaurants, which make this neighbourhood a distinct blend of old and modern culture.

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Misericordia and the neighbouring Bairro Alto are two of the most beloved quarters of Lisbon. Misericordia derives its name from the word for “mercy” and narrow, winding streets are the norm here. The area is home to small businesses, charming gallery cafés, small artistic local theatres and plenty of cobblestones. A truly unique mix of the city vibe and quieter village life, Misericordia has many available residential spaces that rest right above cafés and family-owned bookstores - apartments for rent in Lisbon don't come any cuter.

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Sao Vicente

Lisbon Old Town ‘Alfama’

Alfama, Lisbon’s Old Quarter is very central and exceptionally romantic. Furnished apartments can be found in this district of Lisbon between small archways, cobbled terraces and tightly packed lanes. The formidable ‘Castelo de Sao Jorge’, built in the medieval area by the Moors, is situated in the north of Alfama. It is now one of the main Lisbon tourist attractions. Home to traditional ‘Fado’ houses, Alfama’s rustic and romantic air appeals to travellers and residents alike.

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Lisbon City Centre / Baixa District

Baixa is the historic centre of Lisbon and with its 18th century architecture, attracts students and expats alike. Baixa was completely rebuilt after a devastating earthquake on November 1st 1755 that ruined much of Lisbon. Now, the area is not only charming, but also earthquake proof! Baixa is considered to be the most beautiful part of Lisbon as it is situated on top of a hill, with a spectacular view on the city. The Baixa district also has good transport connections and a thriving nightlife, being home to a wide variety of cafes, shops and the trendiest of outdoor restaurants. Whether you settle here or in another part of town, make sure you visit the ‘Elevador de Santa Justa’, a wrought-iron elevator built in 1902 that will gives you a beautiful view of Lisbon and beyond.

Tips on Finding Suitable Student Accommodation in Lisbon

Lisbon is both Portugal's largest city and capital city. Lisbon is a cosmopolitan city, combined with beautiful atlantic water beaches. Lisbon has amazing food and the seafood is a must. The city's economy is rising. More and more areas are gentrifying and are getting spruced up. Intendente square is an example of renovated buildings,hip cafes and shops. It is a fresh neighbourhood with new and old residences.

Finding a place to start in a new city can seem impossible. If you are able to prior visit the city, you will have a general idea of an area you like and then you must look at your university. Being aware of proximity, basic amenities and an area you enjoy is important. This guide, is to help ensure you minimise any stress, when finding student accommodation in Lisbon.

Student Housing in Lisbon

Most options for student residences will be shared houses, shared flats, apartments or student university halls. Typically landlords will ask for a deposit. A deposit is the insurance for the landlord; usually, it is one month's rent followed by one month’s rent in advance. Some landlords may also ask for a reference for payment, i.e a payslip or guarantor form. Lastly a landlord or student residency could ask for your proof of enrollment from the university.

Shared House

When looking for shared houses some could include extra amenities, i.e a living room. This is not guaranteed. As the cost of your room, is often reflective of the room size and the house’s amenities. A shared house brings nationalities together.

Students Apartments

Renting a private student house in Lisbon is the most pricey option. Considering this alternative by splitting the cost with friends or a partner. Furnished apartments for rent in are generally more popular in the student. Having a furniture provided in a student apartment reduces the stress and cost of furnishing yourself. Apartments can vary in size, i.e for a one person to a 5 person residence and even more.

Student Halls

At private residencies, you could be living with students from other schools. A residency run by your university, will have only the university’s students. If you are considering student halls, it is great for hands-on student living. There are communal bathrooms which are typically gender separated. The kitchen area is also communal. At an additional cost some student residence calls could include: ensuites, private kitchen area and social lounge.

Universities in Lisbon

University of Lisbon

Amalgamating to become the University of Lisbon in 2013, the university was merged with the Technical University of Lisbon and is now the largest university in Portugal. The university's campus is named ‘Campo Grande’. In the multiplicity Campo Grande, the campus is large and absorbs most of neighbourhood. The university has good travel connections with an on-site subway station. Too cool down after class, visit ‘Jardim do Campo’. This park/garden is right on the university's doorstep.

Transport Connections: Subway station: Cidade Universitaria and Entre Campos

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

In English translating as the ‘New’ (Nova) University of Lisbon, it is the capitals cities youngest public university. The university is located in Campolide. The Campolide Campus is north west of the city. Founded in 1973, the university is a school of Business and Economics. Recently the university was voted as 28th best business school in Europe by the Financial times.

Transport Connections: Sao Sebastiao for Subway and Rail Station Campolide.

Catholic University of Portugal (UCP)

Known in portuguese as ‘Universidade Catolica Portuguesa’, it is the only non-state run university concordat by the Catholic Church. The university has various faculties. It’s main campus is in between the Hospital Saint de Maria and the City Zoo and is in the Campo Grande district. There is also an on-site campus bar and restaurant named Espaço Fernando.

Transport Connections: Metro Stations Cidade Universitária or Laranjeiras or Jardim Zoológico