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Benfica is one of Lisbon’s oldest districts and is in a location just far enough outside the bustle of the city center that it’s known to be much quieter. Benfica is more of a residential zone that is also home to a handful of Lisbon universities. It’s distance outside the center makes finding apartments in Belem to be a high priority for students studying in Lisbon. Cheap apartments in Belem is another reason why this neighborhood happens to be a hotspot for students. Belem is also accompanied by a large public park, which is often used by those that engage in outdoor sports, students taking a break from studying, and the occasional nap taker. The city center is also easily accessible by public transportation, considering that the city center is only 9 minutes away by train. In addition, Benfica is also home to the football club of the same name, and is one of Lisbon’s oldest, founded in 1904. If you decide to live here, seeing a game is a must!

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