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Alvalade is a very young neighborhood that began as a project in the 1950s. Since then it has grown and flourished into a full-fledged neighborhood with its own vibrancy and personality.The neighborhood is characterized by wide sidewalks and streets, beautiful architecture and lush garden spaces. Several attractions in the area include the famous Mercado de Alvalade, with its many shops and diverse storefronts; the Avenida Igreja, which is also known for its shopping as well as for its many reputable restaurants and cafes; and also the church at the top of Avenida Igreja that’s frequented and packed with locals every Sunday. Another attractive aspect for those searching for apartments in Alvalade is that there are many green areas for walking, running and sports exercise. Cheap apartments in Alvalade are also on the market, as the neighborhood offers a mix of housing for different levels of income. On top of that, Alvalade is a quiet neighborhood that is also close to the city center.

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