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Belem is one of the most sought after parts of Lisbon, by both locals and expatriates alike. The neighborhood is situated west of the city center. Some say that Belem is it’s own small town and not exactly apart of Lisbon proper, although it very much is a part of greater Lisbon. The neighborhood is characterized by its riverside position and known for having many green spaces, as well as a tranquil atmosphere. When renting an apartment in Belem, keep in mind that many tourists happen to frequent the area because it’s also home to a handful of the most famous museums in Lisbon. Although tourists may be afoot, the frenzy usually happens only during the day. Tourists tend to stay closer to the city, and Belem’s distance from the center often means that they commute home during the evening hours. Although many expats and business professionals may live here, there are cheap apartments in Belem available, however they are more abundant in other areas.

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