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Parque das Nações (Portuguese for “Park of Nations”) represents Lisbon’s modern side, standing in contrast to its more historic and traditional side. The area used to be an “industrial wasteland” that has recently been renovated and has since become Lisbon’s business district. The area used to be full of late night bars and other establishments, however now, those have been swapped for more relaxed, fine dining experiences. Parque das Nações is also home to many of the city’s more modern attractions, including the world famous Oceanarium, the 4-story Lisbon Casino, elevated cable car tours and even the ultra-modern architecture that defines the area. When viewing Parque das Nações from a map, it may seem a bit distant from the cultural and historical sites of the city, but the area is very well served by some of the city’s main transportation lines, making it easy to commute to your desired location. Being Lisbon’s main business area, apartments in Parque das Nações are typically more expensive than other areas of the city. Cheap apartments in Parque das Nações are less common, although not impossible to find.

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