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Barajas is the neighborhood that is closest to the Madrid airport, also known as the Madrid Barajas International Airport. Madrid’s airport is one of the two largest airports in Europe, with only smaller than Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Barajas was once its own small town, however it is now part of the municipality of Madrid. Barajas is located in the northeast of the city and is not considered one of the central districts. Besides the airport, Barajas is known to have older relics that are worth visiting, such as old churches, castles and old bunkers from the Spanish Civil War. Barajas is also known to home to beautiful sprawling parks - many are unknown to those who live closer to Madrid Center, but if you venture further out, they’re considered one of the more enjoyable features of Barajas. Apartments in Barajas are easy to find, as this part of Madrid is less dense with inhabitants and tourists and also tends to be more spacious. Cheap apartments in Barajas can also be found as it is relatively inexpensive to live here, when contrasted with neighborhoods closer to the Center.

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