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With its progressive fashion scene and academic weight, Madrid today stands tall amongst even the biggest European cities. The Spanish capital has properties for every taste that are accessible, modern and with their own distinct charm. In Madrid to find apartments for rent can be very difficult as the market is very competitive. Though Nestpick has a huge selection of furnished apartments to choose from, and to find your room for rent in Madrid can be done via a couple of clicks. We mostly offer fully furnished flats for rent in this city.

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Moving to Madrid and finding an accommodation

Madrid is both the commercial and political capital of Spain, and whilst it has a rich history, it's also a progressive and forward looking city with a very modern vibe. The culture, fashion, cuisine and music of the city all combine to give it a electric buzz, but it still manages to stay more laid back than the pressure cookers of London and Paris. Madrid is a place where expats, working professionals and country-hopping nomads can all find their place. The city has a large metropolitan area, formed from 21 different districts and neighborhoods arranged in relation to the Centre, such as Arganzuela, Retiro, Salamanca, Chamartín, Tetouan, Chamberí, Moncloa-Avaraca, Latina, Moratalaz and Hortaleza, among others. Streets full of terraces, bars with delicious tapas, varied cultural and nightlife as well as being one of the most gay-friendly cities in Spain make Madrid’s thriving lifestyle hard to forget.Whether you are in need of student accommodation in Madrid or looking at furnished apartments for rent, you will find the ideal place for you on Nestpick. Finding apartments for rent in Madrid can be harder than in other Spanish cities, especially if you’re looking for medium-to-long term rents. Here are our notes on the city...


“El barrio de Salamanca” is the upscale quarter of Madrid. Not for nothing, it is known as the “Golden City”. Once you witness its chic restaurants, fine dining and exclusive brand-name shopping, you will understand why. Here, you can find renovated Madrid apartments for long term rent that are posh and luxurious. The hot spot in Salamanca is the main Plaza Mayor, which is truly beautiful, especially as it lights up during the dusk hours. Residents flock to restaurants here with rooftop terraces and outdoor seating to break bread over wine and tapas. Besides the gorgeous architecture evident in the ‘Casa Lis’, the public library at la Casa de las Conchas and the Art Deco Museum, Salamanca is incredibly accessible and pedestrian friendly. It only takes a 15 minute walk to reach most major destinations.

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Chamartín is a great district for expats and expat families to move to. Situated north of the city centre and right next to the business district of Plaza Castilla, Chamartín is very affordable and very accessible. The neighbourhood boasts several gorgeous parks and locations, such as the Berlin Park and the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Expats settled in this neighbourhood also have the chance to sign up for renowned international kindergartens and schools nearby. And if the apartments for rent in Madrid do not fulfil your needs in terms of size, then Chamartín’s iconic and secluded ancient villas might be even better. The rent for those apartments might not include all bills.

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At the centre of the Retiro neighbourhood is a massive public park known as, “El Parque del Buen Retiro”. A step away from the main city centre, this district is a little less elegant and upscale than Salamanca, but this means apartments can be found at incredibly low prices. Retiro residents are laid-back and relaxed with many still living a truly authentic Spanish life. For them and those who like to live like there there are still plenty of perks to living here.

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What’s so great about this “barrio” or neighbourhood? Well, if you are looking for long term rentals in Madrid, Arganzuela is a little quieter than other districts. Furthermore, what it lacks in nightlife it more than compensates with beauty. Properties in Arganzuela enjoy a plethora of lush green spaces, such as ‘Parque de Tierno Galvan’. This particular park features an IMAX theatre and a planetarium with free activities. Runners and cyclists can take advantage of project Madrid Rio, an initiative that bounds a section of the M-30 with a pedestrian and cyclist-friendly track. For outdoor festivals, exhibitions and cultural events, residents often frequent ‘El Matadero’, a slaughterhouse and livestock market that was converted into a cultural centre in 1996. The family focus of Arganzuela means apartment hunters can often find a two bedroom rental for the price of a one bedroom one here.

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Tips on Finding Suitable Student Accommodation in Madrid

Every year over 240,000 students decide to enroll in a Madrid university and about 20% of Spain’s masters students study in Madrid. Besides its academic offerings, Madrid is a leading city in fashion, culture, entertainment and recreation. As the saying goes: the only thing Madrid lacks is a beach.

Moving to Madrid can seem like a daunting prospect. As Madrid is Spain’s capital city, there is lot’s to see and lot’s to do. Keeping focused on your studies is of course important when doing an exchange program, but it does not mean you should not enjoy the beauty of the city. Discovering a new culture and different ways of living is part of what makes exchange programs a valuable life experience .

There are many wonderful districts to explore and sites to see. Here is a guide to finding suitable student housing in Madrid helping to prevent any problems whilst studying in Madrid.

Student Housing Madrid

There are many options when looking for apartments in Madrid. You could rent a room in a shared apartment, an entire apartment or live in University Student Halls.

Rooms for rent in Madrid

A flatshare in Madrid is about a co-living habit, sharing your living place with other students and maybe young professionals. It is the preferred accommodation for students, because living alone is extremely costly. Since many people tend to look for a shared flat at the beginning of a new semester, you might find the process complicated. Don't hesitate to apply for many apartments! If you are lucky, you may even find a house with a balcony or a garden.

Apartments for rent in Madrid

Flats for rent in Madrid are the most costly alternative. If you're moving in with a friend or a partner, you can split the cost, but make sure the flat can accommodate several people. Otherwise, if you wish to live completely on your own, make sure to adapt your budget

Universities of Madrid

A district can contain its own sub-culture of partying or full of eateries. A neighbourhood that suits you is also very important. Finding cheap accommodation in Madrid in close distance to your university should be definitely considered and preferred. For central locations look at Atocha in the Arganzuela district or try the chic Salamanca in district Retiro for further out cost effective neighbourhoods, Chamartin is a good place to look! The Chamberí district is also less expensive whilst still bordering Salamanca, making it popular amongst students. Similarly the Malasaña district is popular with students for its ‘hipster’ and vibrant scene.

Polytechnic University of Madrid

The Polytechnic University of Madrid has all its campus’ spread across the city. So be aware of your studies faculty and its campus location. The campus’ are the Moncloa Campus, Montegancedo Campus, South Campus and Downtown Campus. Transport connections: Subway station Ciudad Universitaria or Bus routes 82 132

Autonomous University of Madrid

The Autonomous University of Madrid is located northern outskirts of Madrid in the Cantoblanco Area. The area is self-contained student city and contains all amenities for living. The student city is accessible to Madrid city centre by the commuter train. Transport connections: C4 Commuter train and Bus Routes 714.

Complutense University of Madrid

The Complutense University of Madrid campus’ sprawl across the Ciudad Universitaria district spreading into Somosaguas and the next city. The complutense is Madrid’s largest campus university. Transport Connections: Metro line 6 and Bus Routes 82, 83, 132, 133, 162

University Carlos III de Madrid

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is located in the south of the city, there are four campuses at this university. The Getafe Campus, Leganes Campus, Colmenarejo Campus and Madrid-Puerta de Toledo Campus. Accessibility into the centrum is 15 minutes by transit. Transport Connections: C4 Commuter from station, Margaritas-universidad Las.

University of Alcalá

Universidad de Alcala is located outside of the city, this public university is in Alcala de Henares which is 22 miles north of Madrid. Nominated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cultural importance and architecture. Transport Connections: Train station Alcala de Henares.

University Rey Juan Carlos

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos is a public university and in the southern region of Madrid. There are four campuses at Móstoles, Alcorcón, Vicálvaro and Fuenlabrada. Móstoles is home to the main campus and is easily connected into central Madrid. This university is the second largest in the city and lives by the motto: Non nova sed nove. Once you understand the meaning of this motto, you understand the beauty and learning experience of this university. Transport Connections: Mostoles - Central Madrid via Metro Line 12 and C5 commuter train.

Transport in Madrid

Getting around Madrid is very easy. Madrid has an extensive metro system with 14 lines and over 170 bus routes and 3 tram lines. The Cercanias lines connect to the city centre and suburbs. For students the system of night buses, or "buhos," run after 11:45 pm and until 6:00 am. As a student in Madrid the most cost effective transport option is preferable a monthly ticket, which is also called “Abono”. It gives you full unlimited access to the public transportation system. An application will needed to be filled. Madrid City Council also runs a bike rental service called BiciMad with more than 1,500 electric bicycles distributed throughout the city. You’il find plenty of information about fares and purchasing tickets and passes on the EMT website.