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1 bedroom apartments : 2212
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Apartments in Chamartin: 162
Apartments in Retiro: 205
Apartments in Arganzuela: 208

Madrid Apartments for Rent

Furnished Apartments, Rooms and Flatshares for Rent in Madrid

With its progressive fashion scene and academic weight, Madrid today stands tall amongst even the biggest European cities. The Spanish capital has furnished apartments for every taste that are accessible, modern and with their own distinct charm. In Madrid, finding apartments for rent can be very difficult as the market is very competitive. Nestpick, on the other hand, has a huge selection of furnished apartments to choose from, and finding your room for rent in Madrid can be done via a couple of clicks.

Madrid is a large financial, commercial, and political centre at a great location within Europe. What this means is plentiful employment opportunities for expats looking for a job in Spain. It also attracts a lot of temporary visitors every year coming to the capital for short business trips. Whichever boat you’re in, there is plenty in the way of affordable accommodation.

Serviced apartments in Madrid provide the comfort of home at more reasonable prices. They are ideal for short stays or as temporary accommodation while you’re settling into the city and hunting for an apartment.

Other types of accommodation in Madrid:

Rooms for Rent in Madrid

Student Accommodation in Madrid

Studio Apartments in Madrid

Rent a Room in Madrid

Rooms & Flatshares for Rent in Madrid

Looking to share accommodation in Madrid? You have lots of choices of rooms and flatshares in the city, so take a look at what’s available on Nestpick right now. Rooms for rent in Madrid can typically be found for around €200 - €600. The higher prices will be found closer to the city centre and in other, more affluent areas of the city. You should also check whether rooms come with bills included or if these are extra.

To rent a room in Madrid is the most affordable way to live in the city, and it also happens to be the most sociable. Even if you don’t know anyone in Madrid or Spain, you can easily meet locals or other expats that are living in your apartment. When looking for a flatshare, Madrid has lots of great areas to live in – Malasaña, Salamanca, and La Latina are all great options.

Furnished & Serviced Apartments in Madrid by District

Madrid is both the commercial and political capital of Spain, and while it has a rich history, it's also a progressive and forward looking city with a very modern vibe. The culture, fashion, cuisine and music of the city all combine to give it a peculiar buzz, but it still manages to stay more laid back than London and Paris. Madrid is a place where expats, working professionals, students and country-hopping nomads can all find their place.

The city has a large metropolitan area, formed from 21 different districts and neighborhoods arranged in relation to the Centre. Streets full of terraces, bars with delicious tapas, varied cultural and nightlife as well as being one of the most gay-friendly cities in Spain make Madrid’s thriving lifestyle hard to forget. Whether you are in need of student accommodation in Madrid or looking at furnished apartments for rent, you will find the ideal place for you on Nestpick. Finding apartments for rent in Madrid can be harder than in other Spanish cities, especially if you’re looking for medium-to-long term rents.

Salamanca, Madrid Apartments for Rent

“El barrio de Salamanca” is the upscale quarter of Madrid; it is also known as the “Golden City”. Once you witness its chic restaurants, fine dining and exclusive brand-name shopping, you will understand why. Here, you can find furnished Salamanca apartments for long term rent that are posh and luxurious.

The hot spot in Salamanca is the main Plaza Mayor, which is truly beautiful, especially as it lights up during the dusk hours. Residents flock to restaurants here with rooftop terraces and outdoor seating to break bread over wine and tapas.

Besides the gorgeous architecture evident in the ‘Casa Lis’, the public library at la Casa de las Conchas and the Art Deco Museum, Salamanca is incredibly accessible and pedestrian friendly. It only takes a 15 minute walk to reach most major destinations.

Chamartin Apartments

Chamartín is a great district for expats and expat families to move to. Situated north of the city centre and right next to the business district of Plaza Castilla, apartments in Chamartin are very affordable and very accessible. The neighbourhood boasts several gorgeous parks and locations, such as the Berlin Park and the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Expats settled in this neighbourhood also have the chance to sign up for renowned international kindergartens and schools nearby. And if the furnished apartments for rent in Madrid do not fulfill your needs in terms of size, then Chamartín’s iconic and secluded ancient villas might be even better. However he rent for those apartments might not include all bills.

Retiro, Madrid Apartments

At the centre of the Retiro neighbourhood is a massive public park known as, “El Parque del Buen Retiro”. A step away from the main city centre, this district is a little less elegant and upscale than Salamanca, but this means apartments can be found at incredibly low prices. Retiro residents are laid-back and relaxed with many still living a truly authentic Spanish life.

Arganzuela, Madrid Apartments

Arganzuela is a little quieter than other districts. Furthermore, what it lacks in nightlife it more than compensates with beauty. Properties in Arganzuela enjoy a plethora of lush green spaces, such as ‘Parque de Tierno Galvan’. This particular park features an IMAX theatre and a planetarium with free activities. Runners and cyclists can take advantage of project Madrid Rio, an initiative that bounds a section of the M-30 with a pedestrian and cyclist-friendly track.

For outdoor festivals, exhibitions and cultural events, residents often frequent ‘El Matadero’, a slaughterhouse and livestock market that was converted into a cultural centre in 1996. The family focus of Arganzuela means apartment hunters can often find a furnished two bedroom rental for the price of a one bedroom one here. If you are looking for affordable options in Madrid try checking out cheap apartments in Arganzuela for either a short visit or a long one.

Other Districts in Barcelona

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  • La Latina, Madrid Apartments
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1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments in Madrid

Apartments in Madrid by Room Price Summary

Average Price
  • 1 Bedroom: €500 - €1,000 (lower end) | €1,500 or more (higher end)
  • 2 Bedroom: €900 - €1,400 (lower end) | €2,500 or more (higher end)
  • 3 Bedroom: €1,000 - €2,000 (lower end) | €3,000 or more (higher end)

1 Bedroom Flats in Madrid

For a decent 1 bedroom apartment in Madrid, you’ll roughly be paying between €500 and €1000 a month. For a premium apartment, you should expect to pay around €1500 and over. If you’re moving to Madrid on a budget and are looking for a great area to live in, the exuberant, alternative neighbourhoods of La Latina, Lavapies and Malasaña are all fantastic options for students and young professionals.

2 Bedroom Apartments in Madrid

An average 2 bedroom apartment in Madrid should cost you roughly between €900 and €1400 a month. Up to €2500 will get you a relatively spacious and stylish place in the historic city center, as well as in the nearby and affluent Salamanca district. Near Salamanca you can always check out apartments in Chamberi, which is a very residential area in Madrid with a touch of history. Prices, apartment size and available amenities obviously vary from area to area, so be sure to consider the relevant criteria for each individual apartment.

3 Bedroom Apartments in Madrid

The monthly cost for a 3 bedroom apartment in Madrid is roughly around €1000 to €2000, and up to €3000 for premium properties. There are plenty of options for fantastic 3 bedroom apartments all across Madrid, and rent here is relatively cheap compared to similarly-sized European capital cities. ¡Hola Madrid!

  • Apartment (1br)
  • Room
  • Studio

Madrid Apartments for Rent with Air Conditioning

Basking in a warm temperate climate, Madrid can get particularly hot and humid during summer, with an average August temperature of 25°C (76°F). Most apartments in Madrid come with air conditioning as standard, but it’s certainly worth checking to make sure you avoid having to sweat it out in the scorching Spanish sun. It’s also worth keeping an eye on apartments with heating, as winters in Madrid are among the coldest in Spain - the average January temperature standing at 6°C (42°F).

Pet Friendly Madrid Apartments

Madrid is very much a pet-friendly city, and dogs are frequently allowed in shops, bars and restaurants. Although a handful of picky landlords will specify “no pets allowed”, most landlords in Madrid don’t feel the need to specify. If you’re serious about bringing a pet along to Madrid with you, it’s best to check with the landlord yourself.

Public Transportation in Madrid

Getting around Madrid is very easy. Madrid has an extensive metro system with 14 lines and over 170 bus routes and 3 tram lines.

For students, the system of night buses, or "buhos," run after 11:45 pm and until 6:00 am. As a student in Madrid, the most cost effective transport option is preferable a monthly ticket. It gives you full unlimited access to the public transportation system, and for this, an application will need to be filled. Madrid City Council also runs a bike rental service called BiciMad with more than 1,500 electric bicycles distributed throughout the city.

Madrid as a city has a lot to offer whether you are a tourist here or just planning to move here as expat, one thing is certain that you'll enjoy your stay. As for your housing here try try different districts of Madrid like Centro, Barajas, San Blas and Latina to have more choices.

Types of Madrid Apartments For Rent

  • 1 bedroom apartments: 2499
  • 2 bedroom apartments: 1552
  • 3 bedroom apartments: 576
  • Rooms: 10693
  • Studio: 772

Popular Districts to rent apartments in Madrid

  • Apartments in Centro: 2561
  • Apartments in Chamartin: 209
  • Apartments in Arganzuela: 223
  • Apartments in Chamberi: 353
  • Apartments in Retiro: 231

Prices for Apartments for rent in Madrid

Looking for apartments or rooms for rent in Madrid? Compare prices for lofts, studios or student apartments in Madrid with Nestpick!

Accommodation Types Madrid Rent Prices by Meter Square
1 Bedroom Apartment€26.71
2 Bedroom Apartment€25,11
3 Bedroom Apartment€24,15
Size (0-50 sqm)€27,96
Size (50-100 sqm)€26,18
Size (100-150 sqm)€24,12
Size (150-200 sqm)€23,98
Size (200-250 sqm)€21,06

About Madrid

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Madrid?
The average rental price in Madrid for apartments are in between 680 € and 2,848 €.
How big is a Madrid apartment?
Although sizes may vary depending on your selection of bedrooms,Madrid apartment is start from 25m² and could go up to 135m².
How to find apartments for rent in Madrid?
Madrid's population count might make things slightly difficult for new comers to find a place when they first move in. We suggest that you use Nestpick's smart tool to look for your new home, as well as if you are a student reach out to your school's counsiling to find a rental in Madrid.
Is rent cheap in Madrid?
The rent in Madrid might change in between 680 € and 2,848 €. Compare to other big cities in Spain, rent in Madrid is relatively reasonable.
Who can rent apartments in Madrid?
Anyone is looking for accommodation can rent an apartment in Madrid as long as they are +18 years old.