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The neighborhood of Retiro is another one of the more affluent and exclusive neighborhoods of Madrid. This particular neighborhood is characterized by its upscale and luxurious facade, as well as its slower pace of life (compared to the center) and its large amount of green space. Retiro is home to the Retiro Park, which is also consequently the largest green space within Madrid. As Retiro is an upper class neighborhood, those are the type of inhabitants that it tends to attract. Many apartments in Retiro, by design, are typically larger, around 100 sqm and the buildings often offer more luxurious amenities - extra bathrooms, terrace and balconies, high ceilings and spacious rooms. In addition, some residences you may find come with a pool. If you’re looking for cheap apartments in Retiro, you may be hard-pressed to find something that fits your budget, as Retiro is easily one of the more expensive and exclusive neighborhoods in Madrid, similar to Salamanca.

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