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In Madrid’s Center, you can find the same energy that is present in most popular city centers around the world. Jam packed with city dwellers and tourists alike, Madrid Center is mostly split into two different areas: Gran Vía and Puerta del Sol. Gran Vía can be compared to Madrid’s own version of Broadway, but without the high-rise buildings. Here in Gran Vía, you can find a multitude of cinemas and theaters, as well as bars, restaurants and other forms of leisure entertainment. The buzz of the city can be clearly felt here, as there’s always high levels of foot-traffic on the sidewalk and auto-traffic in the streets. Puerta del Sol (Spanish for “the gate of the sun”) is Madrid’s geographic center of the city, which happens to be a great place to meet friends, or a great starting point to explore the city. Apartments in Madrid Center are not easy to find as the area is in constant high-demand. Additionally, cheap apartments in Madrid center do exist, but similarly, they may be hard to come by as it is a desirable area for those living in Madrid and tourists alike.

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