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La Latina considered to be the old “Latin Quarters” of Madrid. Interestingly, it happens to be the oldest, yet “youngest” neighborhood in Madrid. As the city’s oldest and one of the most traditional neighborhoods, here you get the more “authentic Spain” feel. The narrow winding streets are reminders of the old gothic Spain of antiquity. On the other side, La Latina is also a “young” neighborhood, as it has attracted younger demographics over the years. This neighborhood is also known as one of the best nightlife neighborhoods in Madrid - going out for drinks and tapas is an all-too-common experience to be enjoyed here. In addition to the nightlife, apartments in La Latina are also more frequented by those who are more open to the idea of late night entertainment - typically students and young professionals. Cheap apartments in La Latina are easier to come by than in other areas. This happens to be one of the more accommodating areas when looking for an affordable place to stay.

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