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The Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid is named after Marqués de Salamanca, an architect from Malaga who was an advocate for the creation of the neighborhood back in the 19th century. Salamanca, Madrid is now known to be one of the most, if not the most, affluent neighborhood in Madrid, and even in Europe. The neighborhood is characterized by flamboyant architectural design and which demonstrates the high level of wealth that inhabit the area. Throughout Salamanca you will see many boutique retailer shops, museums and restaurants, all mostly targeted toward upscale residents and tourists. Finding apartments in Salamanca, Madrid can be difficult to afford for someone with medium level wages - it is home to many businessmen, bankers and even professional athletes and actors. Finding cheap apartments in Salamanca, Madrid may be possible, but is not likely. Although there are other neighborhoods that are more affordable that are in close proximity to Salamanca.

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