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Porto, dating back to 300 B.C., is Portugal's second largest city and a very distinct and beautiful place - indeed some of the neighbourhoods are World Heritage Sites claimed by UNESCO. This town has a rich heritage that mixes Celtic, Roman and Moorish influences and is one of the best destinations to rent rooms.

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Moving to Porto and finding an accommodation

Porto, also known as Oporto, is a coastal city in northwest Portugal known for its elegant bridges and the production of port wine. With around 230,000 people, Porto is not overwhelming in size, and has a rather intimate feel, packed with beautiful monuments and striking architecture. The ‘Igreja dos Clérigo’ dating back to 1750 is a beautiful baroque church tower, 80 meters tall and with 240 steps to climb. The Palácio da Bolsa was built in the 19th century and is also known as the Stock Exchange Palace. One of the biggest football clubs in Portugal, FC Porto, is situated in Porto's stadium ‘Estádio do Dragão’. This stadium is also the main venue for international concerts and other large events. Whatever your plans are, finding the right accommodation is simple.

A short guide to understand the districts of Porto.

Cedofeita Santo Ildefonso Se Miragaia Sao Nicolau e Vitoria

Santo Ildefonso

Named after an 18th century church with a brilliant azure tile façade, Santo Ildefonso is a central district that contains five Metro stations and is within walking distance of the River Douro. It is an elegant district, characterised by wide, stately boulevards and beautiful civic buildings. The Bolhao market is Porto’s number one place to stock up on fruit and vegetables and the district is also full of theatres and cinemas, whilst for football lovers, the Stadium for FC Porto is located in the East of Santo Ildefonso.

The historic heart of Porto, Sé is named after the city’s cathedral which is at the center of the district. If you want to live among narrow streets, atmospheric churches and have access to Porto’s best restaurants, Sé is the place to be. The area is a protected UNESCO Heritage Site, so expect to find historic apartments, not necessarily property that is spacious and modern. ‘Cais da Ribeira’ is also located to the south of Sé - a particularly beautiful area, much loved by tourists. South west of Sé is the Church of ‘Igrea Monumento de Sao Francisco’, another world heritage site.

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City Center / Baixa

Baixa is probably Porto’s most beautiful neighbourhood. Rising from the banks of the River Douro, it is filled with homes with red terracotta roofs and stores painted in pastel colours. It’s also home to ancient landmarks like the Torre dos Clérigos (Tower of the Clergymen) and cultural institutions like the Casa da Musica concert hall. Here you can find Porto apartments for rent long term for a price of around €1,200 - €2,000 a month.

Tips on Finding Suitable Accommodation in Porto

Porto is situated in northwest Portugal and it is a coastal town.The city is famous for its production of Port wine. The wine is made all along the river Douro, although is considered a dessert wine by locals! The Ribeira district is one of Porto’s most historical. It’s seedy alley ways and tall houses lead up to Praça da Ribeira. It means riverside square in Portuguese and funnily enough it is on the riverfront. The square is full of restaurants and bars. Not only does Porto have great wine, it has great food. Francesinha in English is ‘little frenchie’ and is a large meat, cheese sandwich. This is the most popular snack in Porto, as bars will often sell 2 for 1 deals during happy hour! If you’ve visited Porto prior to moving, then you will already have an idea of the area you’d like to live. Those who haven’t; need to be wary of proximity to your university, your travel time and the type of areas you enjoy. This guide is to explain Porto’s student accommodation and the universities in the city. Helping to reduce your stress, as you enjoy your time whilst you study in Porto.

Types of Student Housing in Porto

When looking for student accommodation in Porto you may be asked for certain documentation. Landlords or agencies may require; identification, proof of enrollment at your university, a deposit of up to two months rent and one months rent upfront. A reference or guarantor form (usually signed by a parent), could also be required in certain cases for security of rent.

Rental contracts can be short or long term leases. Unfurnished properties are often cheaper to get. However, furnishing a property can prove tough as a student, as it involves capital and commitment.

Shared Student House Porto

Choosing to rent a room, amongst other students or young professionals is a popular housing choice in Porto. Typically a rented room in a shared house will include a shared bathroom and kitchen area. Some house shares may contain, a lounge, an outdoor area, plus other amenities (this is usually at an additional cost).

Student Residence Halls

Halls are great for students to make life-long bonds with other students. Living in halls amongst others, is comforting to students who are new to a city.

Student Apartment or Student Flat

A private residency in Porto is ideal for those wanting their own space. This privacy comes at a cost, but nethertheless is an alternative for couple or friends who can split the cost.

Universities in Porto

Porto is a very student friendly city, there are lots of of new people from all over the world. The city has beautiful weather, nearby beaches and a great party scene. Regardless of the night-life, the city is rich with culture and history. Immersing yourself with the Portuguese students, is the perfect way to get to know the city and the culture. Also with most universities offering Portuguese lessons, there are no excuses!

Transport in the city split amongst a light rail service for trams, a metro system, buses and trains. There is also an airport close by for international students.

University of Porto

The public University of Porto has been established since 1911. It is the second largest in Portugal. The university has recently been building its international ties with other schools. There is a large international population enrolled and is a popular destination for European Erasmus students and other Portuguese speaking countries. The university is located in Porto’s city-center in former parish Vitória and further out in the Paranhos district. Transport Connections: Paranhos is connected by Metro Line D, city-center campus, São Bento for trains and subway. connections.

The Polytechnic Institute of Porto

In Portuguese, the ‘Instituto Politécnico do Porto’ was created in 1985. The university is on the outskirts of the city’s edge, in the Outeiro district. The district is surrounded by its fellow neighbouring faculties and other educational centres. Also the university is easily commutable into the city. There are plenty of local amenities in the surrounding campus area. Transport Connections: Metro Line D runs from Station Pólo Universitário.