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Student Housing Toronto

Toronto has a lot of fantastic universities and draws in a big population of students from all over Canada and all over the world – there is a great student community in the city and with many districts and areas having a great art scene and a bohemian feel that can get lost in big cities. However, the truth is that Toronto is a very expensive place for a student to live in and renting a place on your own may be out of the question. Luckily, as a result of this many universities offer services that help students find housing or organize student apartments. Sharing student housing is also a cheaper and viable option that helps to meet new people as well!

Student Accommodations

1,912 CAD

155 Wellesley Street

3,430 CAD

20 Blue Jays Way

2,684 CAD

140 Simcoe

1,803 CAD

15 Dundonald Street

3,132 CAD

120 Homewood

1,040 CAD

Centennial Place

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954 CAD

Modern apartment. Private bathroom

27,702 CAD

★A&A Suites★ Magnificent 3-Bedroom apartment in the heart of Down

5,218 CAD
Sky View Suites

Avondale - Two Bedroom Furnished Apartment

4,473 CAD
Sky View Suites

MLS P - 2 Bedroom Furnished Rental

4,473 CAD
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Singer Court B - 1 Bedroom Furnished Condo

6,461 CAD
Sky View Suites

2 Bedroom Extended Stay Apartment at King and Bathurst

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