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Furnished Tel Aviv Apartments & Rooms for Rent Long Term

Tel Aviv is a city that boasts fantastic food, thriving nightlife and golden beaches, and all of this in a compact size that is small enough to cycle around in 1 hour or so, with good transport links around it and beyond.

The type of apartments in Tel Aviv on offer here vary just as much as the different districts of the city, the variety is one of the many things that makes Tel Aviv such a great place to live. A cosmopolitan city that is trendy as it is exciting, with an innovative food and art scene, entrepreneurial atmosphere and great student life, Tel Aviv is truly something to behold.

The city has a bustling business centre and is the international hub of Israel, with Tel Aviv apartments accommodating local residents along with international businessmen and foreign students alike. Tel Aviv apartments for rent long term are hard to come by if your areas such as Lev Hair and Neve Tzedek, but are generally okay to find long term rentals in less popular area like Jaffa or Karem Hateimanim.

Furnished Apartments in Tel Aviv

A viable option for those with more of a disposable income are serviced apartments in Tel Aviv, these are modern, luxurious and have some similarities with hotel facilities such as daily housekeeping. 24 hour reception and underground parking is also common with many of these types of buildings, so for people who value their security this could be the best option. This style of apartment cater for people with more money to spend per month, thus you can expect to find serviced apartments in Tel Aviv centre, in places like Lev Hair and in fashionable areas such as Neve Tzedek .

Be prepared to pay more for furnished apartments for rent in Tel Aviv as these facilities come at an extra cost to your property and be aware the owner will expect you to take care of the furniture and leave it as you found it. They are usually very central and located in the heart of the city, but can also be found in neighbourhoods on the outskirts at a slightly lower price.

Types of Accommodations in Tel Aviv

Apartments in Tel Aviv by District

Neve Tzedek is one the most beautiful areas of the city, with cobbled streets, european and oriental architecture and a local business vibe. It is one of the most expensive postcodes in the city due to its beauty and attractive way of life.

Ramat Aviv is the closest area to the University, thus a large section of students decide to live in this neighbourhood. It is a little far out but not without its own charm, and has a distinct student feel to it.

Jaffa is an area in the Northern sector of Tel Aviv and hold an ancient port, a charming historical old town and a distinctive architectural style, along with cheaper rent and a local Arab population. Lev Hair is extremely central thus very expensive and is preferred by people who work in the financial district of Tel Aviv, it is a fast pace of life here and rent is high.

More Attractive Areas for Tel Aviv Apartments

Karem Hateimanim

Originally founded by Yemeni immigrants in the 1880’s, Kerem hateimanim apartments are considered a cheaper alternative to many areas of the city. Kerem hateimanim apartments are some of the cheapest in all of Tel Aviv as they are also some of the smallest. Built by poor immigrants the dwellings are usually cramped and lacking natural light, but there has been recent building and construction work taking place down the seemingly endless winding alleys of Karem Hateimanim.

It is a cultural, historical and architectural attraction so expect swarms of tourists on the weekends and in high season, especially around the famous markets and shopping district. To live in somewhere like Karem Hateimanim would mean a truly authentic experience with a small but close community inhabiting the area, a wonderful selection of markets and food and many interesting stalls and shops to discover.


Originally a completely separate city, Jaffa of Yafo as it is traditionally known, was incorporated in Tel Aviv in 1950. It is not as cheap as it once was, then again, is anywhere as cheap as it once was? Jaffa apartments are an affordable alternative to living in the city centre in areas like Neve Tzedek or Lev Hair.

Apartments in Jaffa are spacious and well maintained considering they are so old and some buildings can be dated back over 1000 years. The area, especially the Old Town, is beautifully preserved and it is considered to be one of the most important historical landmarks in the city. Jaffa apartments for rent have grown in popularity as the centre has become so expensive, thus young professionals and young families have relocated to the North looking for cheaper rent.

Neve Tzedek

The literal translation for Neve Tzedek is ‘Oasis of Justice’. One of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighbourhoods, Neve Tzedek apartments are some of the most stylish in the city and unfortunately some of the most expensive.

Neve Tzedek apartment rentals are desired by many due to the attractiveness of the area and its close proximity to the central zone in which many people work from thus it is popular for commuters. With pedestrianised cobbled streets and oriental style buildings with hanging baskets outside and a slow pace of life, the feeling of the area is that of a European village. The entrepreneurial and supportive atmosphere of the community here means local business is champion over chains or bigger corporations.

Rooms in Tel Aviv

A cheaper alternative to renting an entire flat or apartment, renting a single or double room in Tel Aviv can be a great option for those with a lower income.

To rent a room in Tel Aviv opens up the possibility of flatmates also working and living in the city, thus the potential of a new group of friends or contacts to have. In places such as Jaffa or Neve Tzedek, single or double rooms are available for a fraction of the cost of an entire apartment and this is a great way to live in these areas without forking out too much cash per month.

Another reason to look into this option is the fact that rooms for rent in Tel Aviv are far more numerous than entire apartments or houses, so there is much more chance of finding one. To rent a room in Tel Aviv also means shared utilities and bills like gas electric and wifi between the entire property, so a great money saver.

Student Housing in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv University is one of the most prestigious in the whole of the Middle East. The student accommodation in Tel Aviv is based in the Millie Phillips student city. It is the most ambitious building project in the history of the University and as specifically named after a prominent patron of the University.

If student halls and living on campus is not your thing and you are looking for a more independent living situation, then there are plenty of private landlords with student apartments in Tel Aviv designed to rent out specifically to those studying in the city. Student rooms in tel aviv are slightly cheaper and more run down than private flats for professionals, thus as a student with a lower budget and little to no income, you can be pleased to hear of the cheaper rates imposed on you.

Public Transportation in Tel Aviv

The Public transportation network in Tel Aviv is extensive and emcompasses most of the city, right to its limits. The population is a little over 400,00 residents of the city, yet more than 500,000 commute in daily from outer lying areas close by, the city is a busy metropolitan centre and parking is a major issue in terms of the infrastructure of the city.

The bus network is used by over half a million people every day, and this has obviously put a strain on the services especially at peak times. DAN is the company which operates the buses in the greater Tel Aviv area. The popular commuter routes in the early morning and around 6pm are very busy so be warned and try and avoid using the bus service at these times. The Tel Aviv bus station is the biggest of its kind in Israel.