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The neighborhood of Mitte (which is German for “center”) is characteristically located in the center of Berlin and is generally where you’ll find most of Berlin’s cultural attractions. Being in the center of the city and a bit pricier than other areas, Mitte is quite popular among career-focused expats and other professionals. Apartments for rent in Mitte on average will cost between €800 - €1000, however cheap apartments in Mitte will be between €700 - €800 euros. Renting apartments in Mitte can be a challenge because the area is in such high demand. This is also true during the Spring and Summer months, as many available apartments and rooms are often occupied by the many tourists that visit during this time of the year. If you do manage to find your desired place in Mitte, you will be accompanied by some of the best and trendy bars and restaurants in Berlin. It’s also well connected by public transportation so getting around the city will be easy.

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