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Manhattan is a symbolic borough in New York City. For many people, it represents simply “the city”. However, relocating to/within Manhattan could be a much more challenging choice than your average move. Moving to Manhattan, there are many things to conquer before you access all the amenities that you expect. Besides the expensive cost of living, the locals also have to adopt a life of hustle and bustle —— unbearable lines, annoying traffic jams and massive tourists. Therefore, New Yorkers are always moving and adjusting their pace.

The cost of living in Manhattan is more than double the US average. Apartments for rent in Manhattan are more expensive than anywhere else in the US. The average rent for an apartment in Manhattan is $4100. From SoHo to the East Village, the rent varies depending on the neighborhoods and the type of apartment. If you are looking for cheap apartments in Manhattan, you should go for some affordable neighborhoods like Marble Hill, where the average rent goes for $1694.

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