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Fancy taking a ‘workcation’? Top 5 places in Europe to go

The hardships brought on by the pandemic have undoubtedly had adverse effects on everyone in society. We’ve all had to change our routines and adapt to an entirely new way of life. One of these changes was switching the office cubicle to a make-shift desk at home for many people.  Earlier this year Nestpick has released a Work-From-Anywhere Index to rank the best cities for working remotely and it resonated with many people regarding the new norm of work life.

While there are many benefits of working from home, the humdrum of everyday life can get a bit overwhelming – and that’s where workcations come in. Workcation is a new term floating around the work-from-home universe. Essentially, a workcation is when you take time away from your usual working spot to somewhere else in the world – a bit like digital nomadism. How long people decide to go for varies – it could be anything from a week to a year!

While digital nomadism tends to be more of a permanent lifestyle change, a workcation allows you to take a break from your everyday home working life and combine it with new, rewarding experiences. It’s the perfect opportunity to travel and experience new cultures while keeping your income stable and excelling in your career. It enables you to reap the benefits of a regular vacation without taking a break at all!

According to new research from the language learning brand Babbel, two out of three people believe they would be more productive on a workcation. Other statistics show that 40% of people say they are more productive at home than in the office. This is because of fewer interruptions, more focused time, a quieter work environment, and avoiding office politics. Why limit working from home to your spare bedroom when you could be taking your calls from Rome?

What are the best places for a workcation? 

When you think of European destinations, often what comes to mind is Italy, Spain or France. Great food, great weather and friendly people, right? While these destinations are on our list, there are a few surprising destinations that you might not have expected that aren’t super packed with tourists.

This list will help you discover new places for your workcation. Often the countries that sit highest on people’s wish lists won’t necessarily correspond to the areas that might be the best to go, for working life. Babbel looked at many factors, such as internet speeds and the most affordable places to eat and drink, to determine the best places in Europe to take your workcation.
Read on to find out how best-ranked spots compared to the ones that the public found most desirable.


  • Italy  


(Photo by @Christopher Czermak)

Italy is at the top of both the most desirable and top-ranked countries for a workcation. No wonder – who wouldn’t want to do their emails in the company of the stunning view of the Colosseum whilst indulging in a glass of Italian white wine and some pasta? What a dream, right?

With an average temperature of 15.8 degrees, super-fast Internet speeds and the average meal costing 15 euros, Rome ranked as the  top city to visit on your workcation. If you are considering moving and looking for good accommodation in Rome, just search on Nestpick and you will find plenty of options.


  • Romania  


(Photo by @George)

Dracula’s home country is a surprise, as Spain was considered the second most desirable workcation spot with the public. Fear not, Romania has a lot to offer: quick internet speeds, beers costing an average of €1.63, not to mention its historical culture.

To truly immerse yourself in the history of this country, the capital, Bucharest, is the perfect place to visit. Once known as the ‘Paris of the East’, not only is the architecture is astonishing, but the world’s biggest parliamentary building also happens to be located there.


  • North Macedonia  


(Photo by @Lex Melony)

The survey indicates that the third most attractive workcation country is France, which is undoubtedly marvellous. Still, the researchers concluded North Macedonia to come in third, and it offers just as much – if not more.

Eastern Europe is not the most traditional place to go on a holiday, making it the perfect place for a workcation as it’s not too touristy. You can experience how locals live in North Macedonia.

The food is a delicious mix of Turkish, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines, and there is plenty to do in your spare time. You can travel in time, wandering around the streets of Skopje, the capital city. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can hike to the top of Mount Ljuboten, or if you want to escape work and be in harmony with nature, you can visit Lake Ohrid, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  • Germany  


(Photo by @Claudio Schwarz)

The researchers concluded the historical German capital to be the fourth best place to take a workcation. You’ll be spoiled for choice of where to eat on your lunch break: there are about 136,091 restaurants in Berlin, and on Nestpick we have plenty of options for workation accommodation in Berlin.

Plus, the internet is good, and the prices aren’t too high. It’s considered the European centre of entrepreneurship, and it’s an exceptionally dynamic worldwide hub for people on workcations, so you’ll be able to make new friends too. Not to mention the city’s world-famous nightlife. 

Comparatively, Switzerland came in as the fourth most desirable place to go, so why not combine both – the train from Munich to Zurich takes about four hours plus the views are breathtaking.


  • Bosnia and Herzegovina  


(Photo by @Damir Bosnjak)

Coming in fifth on the list is this other Eastern European gem. Often hidden in the shadow of more popular destinations such as Croatia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a destination you shouldn’t underestimate.

Its capital, Sarajevo, has been the centre of many historical events – this is where the First World War started and where the longest siege in modern history took place. If you’re a nature lover, you can visit Kravica Waterfall, considered one of the most beautiful natural landmarks in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Greece is the fifth most desirable according to survey results, and it happens to be close by, so why can combine them and make it a workcation of a lifetime?

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