Available Apartments and Rooms in Berlin to Move In From December 1, 2022

Finding an apartment in Berlin is highly challenging. If you want to find a long-term place, you need to go through a tough process. First, you need to collect a list of documents and make an appointment for viewing on housing platforms where 500-1000 other candidates are also applying for the same listing. If you are fortunate, you will get the possibility to view it. While the landlords choose the best candidate among many on their own undisclosed criteria after the viewing, there can still be a place for certain biases.

Considering that, if you are new to the city, it is suggested to first look for a temporary apartment that is much more straightforward and uncomplicated to get. You look at everything online, with no need for viewing, you don’t need many documents, and you can book the place online. As one of the biggest search platforms for furnished rentals, we have collected a list of available apartments in Berlin to move in starting from December 1.

All of the apartments we have collected are inside the ring. Therefore, you can reach any part of Berlin within half hour on public transport. Let’s start with available rooms for your stay.

Rooms in Berlin:

A room in Boxhagener Str, Friedrichshain, Berlin. 1190 EUR.
A room in Friedrichsbrunner Str, Neukölln, Berlin. 950 EUR
A room in Klara Franke Str, Mitte, Berlin. 1140 EUR.

Studios in Berlin:

A studio in Otto-Braun-Strasse, Mitte, Berlin. 1511 EUR.
A studio in Veteranenstraße, Mitte, Berlin. 2050 EUR.

If you are looking for a one-bedroom apartment, here are the best options:

A one-bedroom apartment in Winterfeldtstrasse, Schöneberg, Berlin. 3200 EUR.
A one-bedroom apartment in Blücherstraße, Kreuzberg, Berlin. 2400 EUR.
A one-bedroom apartment in Biebricher Str, Neukölln, Berlin. 2150 EUR.
A one-bedroom apartment in Grünberger Straße, Friedrichshain, Berlin. 1950 EUR.

Two to three bedrooms:

A two-bedroom apartment in Blücherstraße, Kreuzberg, Berlin. 2350 EUR.
A two-bedroom apartment in Columbiadamm, Neukölln, Berlin. 2800 EUR.
A three-bedroom apartment in Simplonstraße, Friedrichshain, Berlin. 3200 EUR.

If the above options are not suitable for you, you can discover many more others on our web page. We wish you a smooth process of finding your new home in Berlin!

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