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Escape From Berlin: Best Places to Live in Berlin’s Suburbs

As lockdown measures are being eased across Europe, Berlin is, like the other cities, getting back to new normality gradually. Now you can finally go out and meet your friends. However, you might be tired of your daily surroundings: your apartment, your neighborhood, the same shops, and streets. Since home office policy and travel restrictions still exist, your holiday plan to travel abroad seems not realistic currently, yet a small escape to somewhere out of the city centre for a short period is possible.

We’ve selected a few apartments and rooms on the outskirts of Berlin, to offer you a chance for a quick escape from the city. Most of them are available with a price reduction, so you can start your booking right away! With one step closer to nature, we hope you’ll be getting out of this lockdown healthier and happier. Let’s have a look!



Teltow is a town in the Potsdam-Mittelmark in Brandenburg, bordering the Berlin districts Zehlendorf and Steglitz. The distance to the city centre is 17Km and Berlin’s city railway runs directly to this area. Teltow is a large suburban complex and you have the chance to discover the historical village structure.

The Villa Erica Berlin


Teltow 2

New & charming loft


Teltow 3

Room with en-suite in 6-bedroom house 


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Bernau bei Berlin

Located about 10 km northeast of Berlin, Bernau is a town in the Barnim district of Brandenburg. Besides beautiful landscapes, this town also has some museums and historic buildings.


Room in comfortable apartment



Room in a beautiful house


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Ahrensfele is a municipality of Brandenburg, about 13 km northeast of Berlin city centre. The famous Wuhle Valley Walk follows the route of the Wuhle stream from Ahrensfelde to its confluence with the Spree river. It’s a perfect spot for a relaxing weekend.

Lovely 1 bedroom apartment 



Nice Family house 



Cozy apartment in quiet area


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Köpenick is situated at the confluence of the rivers Dahme and Spree in the southeast of Berlin. Being away from the city centre, It has the largest area of forest, waterways, and lakes of any districts. Close to the abundant forests, the old town of Köpenick is a great location for residing.

Cozy studio in Treptow-Köpenick


Fantastic penthouse apartment overlooking the Spree river


Home with garden


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Schönefeld is famous because it’s next to one of Berlin’s two airports, but it has more than that. This district is in the Dahme-Spreewald district of Brandenburg, located about 22km southeast of the Berlin city centre. It has a few residential areas, many of which are houses for family holidays.

Quiet studio apartment to rent near Autokino Berlin in Schönefeld



Room in house close to nature


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Lichtenrade, located in the very south of Berlin, is a rather quiet district with detached and semi-detached houses, village churches, and shopping streets. You can also see preserved farmhouses there.

Nice, quiet maisonette apartment



Modern vacation rental 



Vacation rental near Mahlow


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Representing the sunbathing culture in Berlin, Wannsee is the ideal place for spending the summertime. Though being the westernmost locality, Wannsee still attracts plenty of residents due to its beach and forest. You’ll never be bored living in this area.


Apartment in countryside of Berlin



Caravan vacation in Wannsee


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Potsdam is the capital and largest city of Brandenburg and it is part of the Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Region. Located 25km southwest of Berlin’s city centre, this city has become an alternative for people who are looking for accommodation in Berlin. Living a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a rich history, encompassing grand palaces, parklands, and gardens, sounds compelling for people who want to stay a bit far from the capital city.



2-bedroom apartment at Grebnizsee



Fancy 2-bedroom apartment with garden


Studio near the Golm Campus of the University of Potsdam


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Tegel is known for being the location of the main airport, it is also a residential district with industrial facilities and green nature. The lake Tegel and woodlands around it, have created one of the best landscapes you can see in Germany.

1-bedroom apartment 

Quiet, gorgeous apartment


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Which hidden spot outside Berlin’s city center would you like to move in?

Let us know!



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