Moving To Rome: what’s not to love?

Imagine sharing a city with tokens of human history from the Roman Empire to the Middle Ages to World War 2. If you’re moving to Rome, you’ll be within arms reach of the Colleseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and Sistine Chapel, and even better: you’ll be able to visit when few tourists are around during the low season, too!

Moving to Rome: What's not to live?

The ancient and modern history is just one of many reasons that Rome is an incredible, inspiring place to call home. If you’re moving to Rome, get ready to…

Enjoy the variety of lifestyles in Rome

The closest beach is around 20 minutes away by metro, so you can make the most of the city life while living by the seaside all at once. There is a lot of culture to consume in Rome, including art galleries, concerts and of course, wining and dining culture: pizza, pasta and aperitivo.

Flavia from the Young in Rome blog says, “The best area for an early evening aperitivo and stroll is the Monti neighborhood, but for going out at night head towards the Trastevere neighbourhood, where you’ll find lots of bars and, in the warmer months, people milling about in the piazzas.”

Moving to Rome? Get ready for all the pizza.

Choose your ideal Rome neighbourhood

When deciding where to live before moving to Rome, heed the advice of locals. nestpick’s very own Carlo lived in Rome for two years. He suggests the following Roman neighbourhoods for young people: the affordable and cool San Lorenzo, the new creative and alternative district Pigneto and chilled out and authentic San Giovanni. He also recommends checking out historic Prati, residential and business district EUR and lively Testaccio.

Blogger Flavia’s favourite restaurant is also in Testaccio: “At Flavio al Velavevodetto, the pasta dishes are great, and if you want a secondo don’t miss out on the polpette di bollito. Tiramisu for dessert is a must!”

In some neighbourhoods of Rome, rent is quite pricey, meaning most students and young professionals live in shared rooms or shared flats rather than their own place.

Moving to Rome? Try Pigneto.

Behold beauty from your balcony

Living in Rome, you can stroll through the historical centre of Rome, a UNESCO World Heritage site, spend evenings sitting on the River Tiber or hanging out in the Piazza della Madonna dei Monti. Carlo recommends buying a beer from a kiosk or checking out the Full Monti bar for aperitivo. The beauty you can behold from your balcony or in the streets; just one of many reasons to move to Rome.

Flavia recommends: “the hidden garden, Giardino degli Aranci, with its orange trees and breathtaking view of the city; a jaunt up the hill will bring you to the famous keyhole view at the priory of the Knights of Malta.”

Bar in Rome

Find a flat in Rome

The good news about flats in Rome is that they tend to be more spacious than those typically available in Paris or London, for example. Traditionally, people moving to Rome or within Rome needed to check out the Porta Portese newspaper for its selection of flat listings. It isn’t difficult to find a flat there, but the places on offer tend to be expensive unless they are outside of the GRA, the Grande Raccordo Anulare (Great Ring Junction) which surrounds the city. Using an online platform to find a flat in Rome can mean a greater diversity of rooms and flats and more affordable rental prices.

Enjoy Italy’s capital and remember: When in Rome…

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