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Living in Rotterdam – City Guide Rotterdam

Living in Rotterdam

Welkom in Rotterdam!

Nestpick is proud to present you the first edition of the International Guide to this exciting city. This guide is written by a group of international students and ex- plorers at heart who have themselves ventured out of their home countries to experience other cities and countries. We have written this guide for you, an international student or expat moving to Rotterdam to study, live and enjoy your time in this great city. We want to help you make the best of it.

As you may already know, Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands. With almost 1.3 million inhabitants and over 80 000 students, it is very hard to get lonely. The city is in close proximity to the seaside and home to Europe’s biggest port, it is filled with delicious restaurants, offers many cultural venues, and regularly hosts sports events.

Living in Rotterdam, you will not want to miss out on a classic Feyenoord-Ajax football match! Connect with your new town and do as the locals do. Say vaarwel to public transport and hallo to your new two-wheeled friend, the bicycle. This is the first way to rid yourself of the ‘new-in-town’ label. After a while, you won’t know how you lived without your bike. Next, indulge in the local tradition of brunch and opt for a broodje gezond, which in English literally translates to ‘healthy sandwich’. Work off the feast and get to know your bearings. Head to the city centre, Kralingen and The Old North to get a taste of what is on offer. For a little bit of shopping, take a stroll through Rotterdam’s Markthall: aside from incredible food, you will be amazed by the fresco ceiling. It is the largest in the world, so huge in fact that no company could provide software powerful enough to render the image other than Pixar studios, whom we are therefore to thank for the art piece! End the day by watching a beautiful sunset from the top of Euromast, a 180 meter high tower look-out tower dating from the sixties that overlooks the entire city.

We hope that by using our combined knowledge and flair for telling tales you can connect with your new neighbourhood, discovering the best of what is on offer. Whether you study abroad, do an internship or have just started your new job, its all about the experiences you create. With a never-ending list of adventures awaiting you, it is very un- likely you will have time to get bored whilst living in Rotterdam.

Although a move abroad is fun, it can also be intimidating, particularly if you are far away from home. We want you to feel like a local, not a visitor. It is our belief that the gems of a community take longer than just a day or two to uncover. These are the things that can’t be found on a map, the real and true character of a city. They are the sites and sounds you encounter as you take a wrong turn and walk down a cobblestone path. This guide will tell you what you need to know, so you don’t need to waste time on the boring stuff and can get on with enjoying living in Rotterdam. We know after reading this guide you will be %100 sure to move to Rotterdam, so to rent apartments in Rotterdam, click the link!

Veel plezier!

Living in Rotterdam City Guide

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