Nestpick’s Best Christmas Memories

Christmas is around the corner, this year, while releasing the White Christmas Index, we also conducted a special interview with our team. As you may know, people who work in Nestpick come from different countries across continents, therefore, everyone has their own perspective when looking into Christmas. So they’ve been asked about what does Christmas mean to them, and their most unforgettable memories of it.

Those questions are:

Q1: What does Christmas mean to you?

Q2: The most memorable Christmas you’ve ever had? Tell a bit about it.

Q3: Where and how will you celebrate Christmas this year?

Q4: Any city you want to go for Christmas holiday?

Q5: Make a wish, or your new year’s resolution for 2020.

Let’s meet our team and see what they said!



San Francisco



  • Occasion to see family spread across the world.
  • I remember the snowiest Christmas I ever had, growing up in San Francisco we had no snow. This meant my first year on the east coast for Christmas was wonderful, and ice cold!
  • After having fallen in love, this year’s Christmas will bring me to my girlfriends family in the UK.
  • Helsinki, Copenhagen, Stockholm, take me north!
  • That the coming year continues to outperform the last.



Baia Mare, Romania



  • Meeting the family, presents and enjoying the snow.
  • Snow sleigh rides when I was young in 1.5m snow. There was no global warming back then 🙂
  • Will have a snowy Xmax with most of my family.
  • Brisbane
  • Finish all 63 courses I bought on Udemy this year.



Cordoba, Argentina



  • It means an opportunity to see my family together. It’s quite emotive as lately I’ve been getting to see them 1 time per year.
  • One time I bought so many fireworks that I kept disturbing neighbors until 4 am.
  • I’m going to celebrate it in the UK with my girlfriend’s family. They are super funny so I’m excited!
  • Any mountain towns works for me.
  • I hope 2020 is going to be better than 2019!






  • Family stories I’ve seen from movies.:)
  • not much to be honest…
  • In Berlin with my wife.
  • Swiss Alps.
  • Hopefully my big plans work out.







  • Getting free delicious food from friends and neighbours 😀
  • Never really celebrated Xmas.
  • Exploring all Xmas markets in Berlin and enjoying Gluwein.
  • Have always wanted to go Reykjavik, Iceland. Heard Xmas is beautiful there.
  • Hope all my wishes and dreams come true and to start learning German.





Panda Land


  • Pause, and then embrace the new year. In my land, Christmas is less related to religion, so we celebrate it in a “symbolic” way: you can see Christmas trees and Santa in many places, like shopping malls and restaurants.
  • That was in Hong Kong : the most colorful one I’ve ever had.
  • This year I will stay in Berlin and spend some time with my dear friends.
  • Somewhere warm, maybe a coastal city.
  • Conquer my laziness!




A Green, Green Land

Green Lander

  • On my childhood it was about the sweets, gifts, fun and having to queue for kissing a fake baby Jesus. At that time, I discovered my career as a carol singer was doomed. Years later, I moved for studies and Christmas started to mean a time for home. It wasn’t until late ’00 that I discovered when exactly Christmas starts: the day I hear Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You. As soon as I hear that, I see Tenenbaums returning from the afterworld.
  • All Christmas you manage to remember are memorable, but there are two they stand out: the one I ended up visiting Auschwitz and the other one I found out how crazy a New Years’ Eve sounds in Berlin.
  • It doesn’t come as a surprise that Green Land in Green Europe is the perfect place to spend time on Christmas, since the unwise mixture of seafood and sweets has proven to be a great excuse to visit the gym after the carol’s time is gone.
  • Nope. Green Land is the place to be, unless there is another place in the world I can eat great cooked fish for free and convince my family to go there.
  • Ha! Sure I am going to tell you… 😉






  • Vodka.
  • Hard to remember. Too drunk.
  • With vodka.
  • Alcohol delirium land.
  • More vodka to the God of vodka!




Those are the best memories from Nestpick, what about you? Where are you going to spend Christmas holiday this year? Remember you can always find your accommodation with Nestpick, and we will always be with you in the new year as well!

Merry Christmas!


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