Collection of 12 Winter Homes from Nestpick for January 2023

Winter holidays are around the corner. It is an excellent reason to escape to a new city for vacations or a long workation. Since 2020, it is expected to be the first winter closest to pre-pandemic times with the fewest ever restrictions in most countries. Previously, we wrote about the Top Winter Destinations in Europe Christmas Edition and the Warm Sunny Destinations in Europe for the Upcoming Winter. Continuing our series of blogs on Winter workation, we have gathered a collection of winter homes in different cities in Europe for your inspiration. So, let’s get started!

Berlin, Germany:

Studio in Frankfurter Allee, Berlin. 1,090 EUR

London, UK:

One-bedroom apartment in Boardwalk Place, London. 3,410 GBP

Paris, France:

One-bedroom apartment in 7th Arrondissement, Paris. 3,640 EUR

Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

Studio in Zoutkeetsgracht, Amsterdam. 1,800 EUR

Nuremberg, Germany:

One-bedroom apartment in Gostenhof, Nuremberg. 1,921 EUR

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Studio in Kastrup, Copenhagen. 24,000 SEK

Helsinki, Finland:

Studio in Alppiharju, Helsinki. 990 EUR

Tallinn, Estonia:

Studio in Telliskivi, Tallinn. 1,900 EUR

Vienna, Austria:

Two-bedroom apartment in 22nd district, Vienna. 1,840 EUR

Innsbruck, Austria:

Two-bedroom apartment in Mariahilfstraße, Innsbruck. 2,335 EUR

Budapest, Hungary:

One-bedroom apartment in 12th district, Budapest. 600 EUR

Prague, Czech republic:

Studio in Čestmírova, Prague. 1,095 EUR

Featured photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

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