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How to rent apartments in Finland?
In order to rent an apartment you will need the latest paycheck, a copy of the applicants taxes that shows current assets and loan history, proof of European citizenship and if not already a citizen, then passport or residence permit. It is also customary for the owners to perform a credit check of the applicants. For state subsidized rental housing, you will be asked for a proof of citizenship or some sort of residence permit.
How expensive is it to rent an apartment in Finland?
It is relatively inexpensive to rent an apartment in Finland, although that depends on size, location, conditions, utilities, and whether it is private-financed or state-subsidized. A 1-bedroom apartment will cost per month approximately €1298 in the city and €923 outside the city, meanwhile a 3-bedroom apartment will go for about €1627 in the city and €2387 outside the city. The rent for furnished housing is usually higher.
What's the difference between private rental and municipal rental housing in Finland?
While it may be a faster process to find a private rental, they tend to be more expensive. You will probably be competing with other applicants interested and the landlord will pick his favorite applicant. For municipal housing, they are often much less expensive which means they are more in demand. After submitting applications to the municipal housing agency, they will choose applicants based on circumstances like income, assets, and housing requirements. The popularity of affordable housing makes the queue lines long, especially in metropolitan areas.
What utilities or additional expenses are included in rentals in Finland?
Most rentals include heating expenses due to many towns and cities having centralized district heating systems. Electricity is not usually included in the rent and will need to be arranged via signing a contract with an electricity company. Water is usually included in the rent although you may have to pay more if your consumption is exorbitant. Internet access is usually included in the rent, however, internet connection will need to be paid. Having home insurance is customary, so your landlords may require one on the rented accommodation.
What is student housing in Finland?
Student housing is rental housing intended to be used primarily by students, it is usually more affordable than other rental housing. You must however be a full time student. 1 in 3 finish students inhabit student housing, with many living in shared housing. It is common for students to rent appliances and furniture from a furniture rental business to save money.